Macalister Mansion: Afternoon Tea for 2 & Pastry

This the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la ~
The Christmas holly wreaths brighten up my day immediately.
Few months back, I blogged about how much I love this place,
 and attempted to be a tai-tai but failed, again.
Read the post here.
Thought this was the end of the Living Room, but there's actually another room at the back!
What makes me like this place so much is the elegant, colorful and quirky setting.
Absolutely an instant mood lifter. It's hard to not fall in love, especially for the girls.
Me and my happy flowers; Credits to Kenneth who took this pretty candid shot.
Met Crystal like finally; Girls being girls, wouldn't stop taking photos of every corner of the room.
Okay enough of narcissistic nonsense.
They have got some new items in store!
 Just in case all those mouthwatering treats on display puts you in dilemma,
 here are some recommendations before you go nuts ordering everything on the menu.

Impressed by the way they present and serve the cafe latte on wooden tray.
We were like emperors! And the gold fork and knife as handles were just brilliant.
Priced at RM13, this is the smoothest foam I have ever had.
Blueberry Smoothie and Passion Fruit Smoothie, priced at RM16 each;
 I've heard good comments of this and I wasn't disappointed.
Smoothie was thick and of course, smooth. Not stingy with the ingredients at all.

Chilled Infusion Grapefruit, Basil and Strawberry [RM13], thirst-quenching.
Hot Chocolate [RM13], clovers and hearts are just gorgeous.
Cafe Vienna [RM13]
Layers of caffeine and cream in Vienna style
Affogato [RM15]
For those sweet tooth who craves for small sips of coffee dessert.
A variety of baked goodness;
Original Scone [RM5], Mini Frech Croissant [RM1.40]
Miniature Vanilla Whirl, Maple Walnut Plait, Pain Au Chocolate [RM1.60 each]
Jars of gold, their very own homemade jam!
In A Hurry? Grab Some Savoury and Beat The Traffic, Spread Some Jam
Even the taglines are creatively quirky and cute.
Among all these interesting flavors, my favorite would be Tuna Mayo, big chunks of fresh tuna!
And for those who loves foie gras, you would definitely wanna grab a jar of Cherry Liver Pate home.
For sweet, I would go for Jackfruit & Vanilla. Couldn't get enough of the jackfruit fragrant!
We've got a winner here!
They have salted caramel to be spread on the bread as jam or...
To make a glass of yummy salted caramel macchiato!
Just heat up a glass of milk, add in a spoon of salted caramel jam, stir and voila!
'This is perfect on a rainy day, and to mend a broken heart.'
Exact quote from the chef that made me go 'awwwww'.
They have also launched a range of European bread including
White Bread, Sourdough, Frech Baguette, Brioche, Olive Ciabatta
and Malt Baguette which are not easy to find in Penang.
Price ranged from RM3.80 to RM12, fairly inexpensive.
Afternoon Tea for 2 with TWG Tea [RM69], available from 12 P.M till late.
It can be delightful without the 2 tiers tray; Easy to reach, easy to eat.
Miniature Chicken Burger with Orange Jalapeno Hollandaise.
Duck egg on sourdough.
 Thumbs up for the Smoked Duck and Leek Quiche, especially the soft crunchy crust.
Miniature cakes;
 Chocolate Truffle with Pistachio, Banana Poppyseed Cake,
Chocolate Almond Cake, Carrot &Orange;
Eat without guilt and not overwhelmingly feeling.
Soft and condensed Chocolate Truffle with Pistachio was my favorite
Banana Mousse Chocolate Eclair, best eclair in town!
Even the take-away bags are cute.
Are you ready? Or not? I know I'm definitely checking Here I Come!
Macalister Mansion Living Room
Opens daily 8 - 12 A.M.
228 Macalister Road 10400 Georgetown Penang


  1. HAHA sure! This is all instagrammers' favorite, for it's clean, white background where you can play with shadow and light! :D when are you coming again?


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