Brew Thirty Two, Greenhall Penang

 Just few doors after Kaffa Espresso Bar, you will be greeted by this eye candy.
Oooh sexy chest hair!
Love their choice of furniture which doesn't match at all! 
British english, orange comfy, grey harmony.
It's like a mini Ikea showroom! And I made all those names up.
Brightly lit which Jeslyn and Vivian think it's a little too bright.
Now you know they belong to the dark side!
Visited few months back, they have revamped the place a little with more London Paris elements.

The wobbly glasses that break so many people into cold sweat when they thought
they were gonna spin off the table. Entertaining to see those pale faces*grins*
Took instavideo of the tipsy glass.
Cafe Tiramisu [RM9.50]
Looks like a plant, tastes like tiramisu! Slightly sweetened with alcohol.
Ying Hsi's ordered Butterscotch Latte [RM9]
Oh don't worry, they don't serve their drinks in those wobbly glasses.
Can't decide between aglio olio, carbonara or bolognese? Order everything then!
Thirty Two Signature [RM22.90]
A platter with all three pasta I have mentioned, plus a side salad!
My favorite would be aglio olio with salmon! Carbonara is slightly too salty.
Chocolate Espresso Mousse [RM11.90]
Rich chocolate with just a hint of espresso, it'll be even better if the espresso is stronger.
Second visit with family, it was indeed the best day the buy lottery.
Cafe Mocha [RM9.50]
I don't normally take Mocha but this is recommended!
 All Day Breakfast [RM11.90]
Nothing great but thumbs up to the buttery eggs and crispy bacon strips!
Comes with free drinks before 12pm.
 Pork Burger [RM11.90]
Can't complain, patty is juicy!
Rum Raisin Crepe [RM11.90]
Layers and layers of raisins filled creaminess.
In a nutshell,
Love the songs they play, good coffee, great ambiance
but food selection is slightly limited and they're full house almost all the time.

Brew Thirty Two
Opening hours
Monday - Thursday, Sunday: 10:30 A.M. - 10:30 P.M.
Friday to Saturday: 10:30 A.M. - 12:00 A.M.
Contact no: 012-4009633
No. 32, Jalan Green Hall, 10200 Penang


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