Kaffa Espresso Bar Green Hall

It has been raining lately, so glad that the sun shone for a little while that afternoon.
The GOOD COFFEE HERE sign is like waving at us saying,
'Yoohooooo, this is the place you are looking for!'
Located just opposite of Green Hall, few doors before Brew Thirty Two Coffee House.
You wouldn't miss the catchy color and design.
Cozy and laid-back ambiance, with a little bit of vintage, retro and quirk.
And it's pretty obvious that mint blue is their theme.
For the first time I was well-prepared, my toe nails that matches the theme!
Happy vs gloomy, soaking in the sun.
Salted caramel macchiato, thanks to Serene for recommending!
Priced at RM12.50, caramel doesn't overwhelm the taste of coffee with pinch of salt.
Oh how I love the surprise whenever I taste some saltiness!
Of the mug they use, I personally like it but Jeslyn prefer it to be the standard clear glass.
 This is what you get from a qualified barista haihh
Darren's(I think it's Darren) not so cheesy cheese cake(RM10)
It was the name that caught my attention, luckily it turned out not bad.
As promised, it's not really cheesy with a layer of not-so-sweet chocolate.
I have yet to try their main course that looks pretty attractive, Big Breakfast Bite!
Second floor, amazed at how spacious this place is.
Certainly a great place for family gathering, friends hang out, coffee sipping and park-thor.
Maybe read a book, watch the time goes by and contemplating about life.
And probably cam-whore too.
Kaffa Espresso Bar - Green Hall
 Facebook page and Official website
Opening hours: As on the picture
22, Green Hall, 10200 Penang


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