Heaven Gate: Noah Wine Dine Dinner

In the book of Genesis,
 God saw how great wickedness human had become and
decided to wipe mankind from face of the earth.
 With very specific instructions, God told Noah, one righteous man
among all the people of that time, to build an ark for him and his family in preparation
for a catastrophic flood that would destroy every living thing on earth. 

Two of all living creatures, both male and female, and seven pairs of all the clean animals
 were instructed to be on Noah's ark. After they entered the ark,
God sent rain that flooded the earth for a hundred and fifty days.
 Finally after an entire year, God invited Noah to come out of the ark and
established a covenant with Noah:
  'Never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth.'

As a sign of this everlasting covenant, God set a rainbow in the clouds.
So here I am, after a hectic week at work, standing upon the rainbow bar
 demanding for my food to be served.
Ever since my first visit on my birthday last February, I fell in love with this place. 
Nicely done interior, white sculptures with dimmed lights,
 Heaven Gate is the most classy Rome-mantic restaurant I've been to. 
Definitely love the yellow lighting and this wonder mirror behind the fountain. 
Great news for girls who can't get enough of themselves,
 now you don't need an app to multiply yourself!

Okay no more fooling around, today we're sampling
Noah Wine Dine Dinner
I hope you get my lengthy opening now.

I was in a pickle when I got to know that it's a wine pairing dinner.
Excited as I have been wanting to learn to drink wine, worried as I'm a virgin to this.
So, please be kind.
Cream of Pumpkin Soup
Comes with garlic bread, the course started lovely with this creamy pumpkin soup with a hint of paprika.
 Poseidon Cocktail Canape
A little bit of tuna, fruit salad and succulent shrimp on green, sprinkled with appetizing ginger flowers.
Using the name of the God of the Sea for this delightful sea treasure is simply brilliant.
For the first two dishes, we were introduced to pair with
Bianchi New Age Rose from Mendoza, Argentina.
Slightly sparkling, this rose is light-bodied, with sweet scents of wild raspberries and fruity finish.
Oh, spot the sexy lady in the bottle.
Plate Principal
 Lavayolk Chicken
Intrigued by the mushy green, it's scrambled eggs mixed with basil!
Thin cut chicken breast eat together with the creamy rich lavayolk, heavenly.
 Crab Remoulade Salmon
Invented in France, remoulade is a pungent sauce resembling mayonnaise
 with savoury herbs and condiments. The salmon is crispy on the skin, soft and tender underneath.
Even without any sauce or seasoning, the salmon is good to go on its own.
Pairing the 2 dishes with Simonsig Gewurztraminer 2012 from Stellenbosch.
Perfumed aroma of rose petals and tropical fruits, this sweet wine goes well
 with the salmon and it's my favourite of the night.
 Premium Rosemary Garlic Shoulder Lamb Rack
Medium rare, tender and easy to cut lamb rack with appetizing flavour of garlic and rosemary.
Psst, there's a ball of mashed potato underneath!

Lucky to sample this award winning 2010 Serafino Cabernet Sauvignon from Australia.
Deep red, full-bodied and rich, offering an aroma of blackberries.
Unfortunately, I find it overwhelming.
Please give the newbie noobie some time.
Laksa Pesto
When Italian cuisine meets Malaysian delight, an exotic creation is born.
Looking at the amount of ginger flowers, I was worried that it would mask
 the taste of pesto but it didn't. Amazing but the coconut milk is slightly cloying for me.
Layer Crack
Sweet ending, love the vanilla ice-cream with fried citrus peels.
Colourful treasures in between - fresh strawberries, peaches, kiwis and blueberries.
The only thing is that the crack is too hard to cut into smaller pieces,
 resulting in 'how am I suppose to eat this without looking clumsy' dilemma,
will be perfect if it's bite-size.
End with Stellenbosch Vineyards Versus Sweet from South Africa.
Naturally sweet white wine, low in alcohol, clean and fruity.
Easy to drink, great as a dessert wine.

And that's a wrap!
Noah Wine Diner Dinner is a great idea for birthday dinner, family gathering, farewell and more!
Pricing at RM138++ per pax, with a glass of house wine and
 RM188++ per pax with wine pairing.
Reservation can only be done with at least 10 pax and above, do reserve at least one day in advance.
Heaven Gate
 Facebook Page
Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday: 12 - 3pm, 6pm - 12am
Friday - Sunday: 12pm - 12am
1A, Lebuh King, Georgetown 10200 Penang


  1. u are so creative with the mirror thing! bravo! =D

    1. Nah I think most girls would think of that but not guys :D