Knockin' on heaven's door at the Heaven Gate

Saturday night, early birthday dinner with family.
Stumbled upon this restaurant as we were turned down by The Sire for fully booked that night.
Love the name, love the windows.
Very romantic ambiance, as it's really dark in there.
So dark that my parents complained they can't see what's on the menu.
The pretty candle is the best thing they could offer.
Definitely not the best place for family, but yes, for the love birds.
Or maybe I should eat my words, they have Xbox Kinect yo!
Little brother had lotsa fun, and lotsa sweat.
Oh hi! This post will have more of me than the food, yay or nay?
 And maybe the hot chick at the back too.
Trust me, I'm a psychic. 
 Okay, time to work.
They say women are most beautiful when they are serious, I truly doubt that.
Pastas taste okay, comes in small portion.
 A little disappointed for the price we are paying, from RM19-RM29.
Red wine toast chicken, tastes normal but fulfilling with those sides
Hightlight of the night: Roast Duck Thigh
This is really nice and it's a must try.
They serve roast deer too but it was finished that night, priced at RM59. 
The night was delightful.
Family enjoyed it, mom couldn't stop complimenting the super friendly waiter.
It was quite magical too.

I could finally see my lashes.
 I love my curls, which I have already forgotten how to do it.
 Eyes were big, eyebrows were too long.
My hand looks ridiculously big.
And I abruptly stop here as I'm going on a vacation. Whee!


  1. Love your curls too! Your hair and all, you look absolutely gorgeous :)

    1. Aww thanks! Finally got a thong, so easy to use! :)