Ninetology U9 Social Urbanite at 1881 Chong Tian Hotel

"Ninetology, an ASEAN mobile device technology company,
 strongly driven by the people's pride and 
importance of being on par
with global technology progression and renowned international standards.
 Phenomenal growth is what we strive for and we who have an eye for
 details, meticulous with elements of technologyart and beauty - ENSURE this.
 Inspired by bold and fast-paced lifestyles, products of 
Ninetology are empowered by
today's solutions for practicality and functionality. "
-grabbed from Ninetology official website
Happy to receive this simple yet chic invitation card.
When contemporary meets antiquity; The event was taken place at 1881 Chong Tian Hotel
Upon registration, we get to choose one cute Bali Soap!
They turned this exquisite gorgeous antique bed into a photo booth.
Thank you photographer! Went overboard with my hair flipping..
And they always says I'm too skinny to be a food blogger, I think I'm finally qualified now.
Got the opportunity to get our hands on these 3 newly launched babies!
What are they?

Ninetology U9 series for the urbanites;
U9 brilliantly stands for UNITE

Ninetology X1 | Stands Out 
Retail price: RM1,099
Colors available: Black/Red

Ninetology Z1 | Larger Than Life
Retail price: RM1,199
Colors available: Black/White

Ninetology Z1+ | Top Notch
Retail price: RM1,299
Colors available: White

Watch the videos of  Ninetology U9 series ambassador, Z-Chen 张智成
talked about all 3 gadgets or check out the links provided for more details.
It's pretty impressive I would say, they're all very light despite the huge screen.
And I must highlight, X1 and Z1+ has 13MP back camera!
Huge screen and high quality camera, good news especially for igers!
We were given this 4200mAh powerbank by Ninetology after sharing 3 videos on our Facebook page.
I have yet to test this out but the simplicity white and silver design has already stolen my heart!

Check out more about Ninetology on their 


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