Soft launch of 1881 Chong Tian Hotel

If you know the way to the famous
hawker place at Kimberly Street, yummy dim sum at Campbell street,
I'm pretty sure you've seen this before.
It's along Jalan Pintal Tali, ring a bell?
1881 Chong Tian is the very first and the only Chinese cultural hotel in Malaysia
Entrance to the main lobby
They had this very chio trishaw!
It was their soft launch last week, thanks Gourmet Garden for inviting.
There was a huge crowd there, was late and missed the opening ceremony.
And the buffet was gone within... I mean when I arrived.

Anyway, the rich setting of Chinese heritage of this hotel certainly brings you back to the 19th century.
Time machine isn't needed at all! And no need to go all the way to Beijing!
So time travellers, here are some pictures 皇上万岁万岁万万岁era!
 The place reminds me a lot of Journey to The West(西遊记) and Princess Pearl(还珠格格).
It's like I've  stepped into the heaven w/ Guanyin Ma, high-tea w/ fairies, and talking to the crane God.
View from second floor.
Imagine this: The princess waving her pinky silk handkerchief,
 having sweet talk(or maybe sweet yell instead) across the balcony,
how romantic is that! Or not...
Mao Zedong 万岁万岁万万岁!
Best place for high-tea and chit-chat, girls giggling w/ their handkerchief covering their mouth.
The rooftop bar, a relaxing place where you sway w/ the jazzy music while enjoying the view of Penang.
Now allow me bring you to the best part of the hotel:
One of the suites, all the Lims put your hands up!
The rooms are catogorized by Chinese surnames, all w/ different themes!
Maroon wall, zebra print carpet and antiques, elegant isn't it?
Although they didn't have TV back then, wide screen LCD TV is still provided hah!
The suite also comes w/ spacious modern setting bathroom w/ bamboo windows.
So no worries of running out to the straw bathroom like people last time.
Was expecting Chinese food but Western food was served instead.
Which is a good thing to me, as I prefer Western compared to Chinese.
The food was okay, so was the price.
Even the drawing on the chair is so detailed!
Some of the antiques. The museum will be opening soon, it will be worth touring.

Here's a great news, they're having an opening promotion which is
 50% off for all their rooms.
Check their website for more

Not interested in staying, eating, buying their antiques?

Maybe you could try their pub?


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