TWG Tea Salon & Boutique Pavilion

TWG, stands for The Wellness Group, the empire of the finest teas of the world.
To my surprise, it was established in Singapore! I thought UK or some European country.
 All of the shiny, exquisite, classy, glamour.
 Oh spot me in the 18-k gold platted tea pot!
 Look at all those fancy packaging, makes you wanna bring them all home.
I'm actually not a tea person, I hardly drink tea unless there's nothing else to drink.
Not a fan of macarons too, only like looking at them cause they're pretty.
So, why do I even bother to be here?
Cause I attempted to be a tai-tai!
And........... I failed.
T-shirt, nerdy glasses and can't even hold the cup properly.
I'm the kind of girl who drops cutleries on the floor, dip my hair in the soup and
  spill my drinks on the table (I didn't make them up, they happen quite often)
Sorry lar that's just me, fated cannot be a tai-tai. Or maybe a clumsy one.

Anyway, the food. Ordered the 1837 tea set for 2 [RM26.90]
 as we were still stuffed from our lunch at Komugi.
The set comes with 2 scones/ 1 muffin/ 1 pastry and a pot of tea.
They have an extensive list of tea ranged from RM18 - RM57 per pot and it's non-refillable.
For tea set you could only choose from the RM18 range,
and don't worry there are plenty of choices under that range.

Yong2 documenting her babies.
 Here's my very poorly taken picture of them HAHA didn't even care to get a good angle.

And this is her shot on Instagram.
They are priced at RM4 each, considered cheap I guess.
Bain de roses tea, matcha green tea and grand wedding tea, passionfruit and coconut.
The purple one was weird cause it's sour, the rest was fine.
 The best apple crumble I've ever had!
Apple cubes are amazingly crunchy, crumbs are fine but I prefer them to be harder.
It's sad that they didn't serve in the royal 3 tier tray, but we could live with it.
 I find the sugar pot and spoon cute.
Sorry for the lack of pictures, I was just too.... full to move.

But wait! She took a priceless selfie! I hope this evens out everything.
Or these two narcissistic ones.
Come sip tea and feel like royalty.
Pavilion Ground floor, 03-21429922
Operating hours 10A.M. - 10P.M. daily.
Check out their website and official Facebook page.


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