Komugi Cafe, Tokyo Street Pavilion

Standing here looking at the busy street at Bukit Bintang, was on a 4 day trip in KL just to eat.
My excitement overwhelmed me, on my list there were coffee, coffee, coffee.
*inhale deeply, smile like an idiot*
Okay let's cut to the chase food mobile!
Colleen who was still at work told me that this is a must-go, so here I am.
Komugi Cafe, a Japanese cafe and bakery located at Tokyo Street on 6th floor.
The variety of bread they offer puts me in awe.
Now, BRACE YOURSELF for all these....
Pastries! I literally went OMG OMG THEY ARE SHOOOO CUTEEE like those sampat bimbos.
I heard they have all these pretty stuff everywhere in Japan, can't wait to go!
Crunchy cookies.
If you think they sell fruits too, you are wrong!
These are mango buns that look exactly like real mangoes! Scarily amazing.

Cozy corner overlooking the mall.
The set lunch is pretty cheap so we gave it a try.
Cappucino with super pretty... not sure if it's totoro or owl.
Priced at RM10(if I'm not mistaken) but we took the set lunch so it was RM5 only.
They served tomato soup that day which made me so happy,
love this cause it's sour and creamy.
Carbonara in this very funny bowl, personally think it's too filling.
Both of us couldn't finish it.
Namachoco Sand(chocolate sandwich), soft texture and the chocolate isn't too sweet.
Tofu cheese cake [RM11], look at the boink boink texture!
Couldn't resist to have this despite the set lunch already comes with dessert.
Not very cheesy, not too sweet. Perfect for me.

Dear all coffee and pastries lovers,
 Komugi is the place you wouldn't wanna miss!
Check out their website here
Open daily 10 A.M. to 10 P.M.
Lot 24/1A, Tokyo Street, Level 6, Pavilion


  1. tofu cheese cake/ thats very special!! got tofu smell?

    1. not really, but the texture is boink boink like tofu :D

  2. Mango bun with mango taste??

    1. Regret to say that I didn't get to try it as I was too full! But I'm pretty sure got mango taste haha

  3. 我每次去,barista都给我弄猫的咖啡画。郁闷啊!

    1. 我的也是猫啊,不知道是龙猫还是猫头鹰哈哈

  4. Komugi cafe 2014 They change their menu yet again. I tried their Ai Spaghetti.with Carbonara sauce, thin slices Garlic, finely chop thyme, carrot, spring onion, Oyster Mushroom and Shiitake Mushroom. Garlic not too overpowering. Seems they still maintain the Carbonara sauce which taste when you eat immediately the heavenly creaminess texture and they started selling Shinjuku Cheesecake.

    1. Wow that sure sounds heavenly! I visited them last month but didn't get to try any of that, only their caesar salad. Don't like the dressing, too creamy. Nevertheless, their coffee is as good as ever :)

  5. Sorry the spelling Hanjuku Cheese.


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