Grab A Bagel, Take A Mugshot

Remember Rainforest Bakery?
It was my very first official food review, and I have already embarrassed myself by bringing 3 cousins along.
I thought I wrote not bad as a virgin food blogger, especially the long opening.
You can read and maybe criticize me here.
Don't mind my spelling mistakes which I don't even bother to amend,
 pictures too small or whatever nonsense.
Anyway, they have opened a cafe next door.
Mugshot, the one everybody is going to and a picture like this is mandatory.
Their Facebook page here. Opening hours 8am - 9pm.
 It's the current hot-from-the-oven hang out place, 24/7 crowded.
Went twice to try their signatures as almost everything was sold out on my first visit.
My advice: Don't go if you're impatient or starving cause you might end up
flipping the tables they made themselves.
Apple Crumble was okay, personally think the crumbs were too soft.
 Yoghurt w/ mango and walnuts was yum! The perfect combination of sweet, sour and nutty. 
 Their signature bagel, turkey ham on the left and smoked salmon on the right,
 both with cream cheese and poppy seeds. Priced at RM10 each.
 It doesn't look big but it's quite filling, fresh fresh salmon yum.
Of the mugshot, very creative and one way to fake my height.
The charge can be ANYTHING. Hair too curly or even too classy.
It sucks when you have ugly hand-writing.
I realized I've been posting too many latte pictures on Instagram,
 therefore the charge - Too much latte.
But I will not stop, don't see the point why I should when Lindsay Lohan is still shop-lifting.
Doing what girls do best.

I am a descent descent girl, who happened to be hungry.
This post ended weird.


  1. ya loh! all look petite and lady like, then come one Friday the 13th on the far left corner!

    1. Hahaha not Friday the 13th but hungry ghost!

  2. We prefer the corn beef bagel out of the three we tried, the other 2 was smoked salmon with cream cheese and turkey ham with cranberry.

    1. I was told that it isn't nice that's why I didn't try. Seems like I should've just go ahead. Thanks!


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