Rainforest Bakery

Most people eat to live. But for me,
I live to eat.
I’m never a picky kid, I eat almost everything I see. But when it comes to bread, I became really choosy. I said bread instead of pastries as the range of pastries is too wide. Moreover, I LOVE CAKES! And pies, tarts, and anything you could name out. So, let’s just talk about bread alone.
I can’t take plain bread, as in bread without any filling/topping. But not just any filling though, I don’t take peanut butter, I feel sick when I see potato bun. Yea weird, I know. My bread must be stuffed with something such as ham, sausage, chocolate sauce and some of them which I can’t think of at the moment. So now you know, it is pretty impossible for me to take plain bread or just throw me some jam with Gardenia white bread to settle my breakfast.
Until one day, I discovered this bakery as I was looking for furniture along Chulia Street.

Look at that classy English design!

It’s like I’ve stepped into a bakery in Italy(exaggerate a bit).
The lighting, atmosphere, brick wall

And the pastries they have, makes me wonder: Is this really Penang?
The best part is, they are ORGANIC.
Okay that wasn't the best part yet.
Normally, organic stuff are more expensive than the normal ones.
Saw the price shown above? They aren't expensive at all! I mean, AT ALL!
Okay that still wasn't the best part hah! Okay it's getting annoying..
People always say,
Food that tastes good are usually unhealthy
while food that tastes not-so-good are healthy.
But those bread they have at Rainforest,
are surprisingly scrumptious!

The identical twins, Jesse and Jerry who run the bakery.
They travel around Europe often to bring is more good stuff.

We were invited to sample their Croissant that day.
And we were lucky that Jesse showed us The Making Of.
It's one of his expertise :)

I got no idea how to bake at all, so there's no elaboration, sorry.
But I think the pictures speak a lot don't they? :)

Right out from the oven!! *angelic music playing*

The normal ones and chocolate ones

He certainly showed how yummy the croissant is!
It's Jerry by the way, cousin from Switzerland :)

One of my favorites.
To be honest, I bought this last time because I thought
there was youghurt in it LOL.
It's considered as plain bread to me as there wasn't any filling,
and I could eat it with only coffee. Amazed by myself.

Their carrot cake is a MUST-TRY!

They are located at
Don't know where it is or too lazy to leave your house?
Call them! 04-2614641
Free delivery to your doorstep!
Healthy, affordable and exquisite selection. Where else?
300 Lebuh Chulia, 10200 Penang, Malaysia.

Jesse and me w/ the awkward smile

w/ Gill and Jason.
They are such friendly and passionate couple!
Thanks to them for inviting me to attend this sampling event :) 


  1. why i look like the "Ham" between the bread?! arww...become sandwich :P~

    i just like the way you express...:)

  2. That's a good thing, you receive love from left and right :P
    Oh, so you prefer unprofessional way of expression? Haha!
    Thanks a lot! It meant a lot to me :)

  3. Everybody has their own way of writing, if it flows with you and then don't let anyone change your style.

    Like the way you put the things together. Casual yet interesting.

  4. Oh! I know this place! They have a cheapy guest house above...I stayed there for 3 weeks when I was very,very,very sick with Dengue...I had been travelling for nearly a year.. The guys from bakery took care of me and bought me excellent tea and food. I will never forget the rainforest...

    1. Must be the twin brothers then, two sweet guys :) They have opened a new cafe next door though, good bagels! Read it here: http://www.sillyepiphany.com/2013/05/grab-bagel-take-mugshot.html