Getting Cozy in the Rocket

If you're upset that Amelie Cafe is closed, you can now wipe your tears and
 put a smile across your face as they have come back for good with 
Cozy in the Rocket
In case you're curious, La Cucina means The Kitchen.
It's located opposite of China House's front door, on the left corner.
Operating hours: 10am to 5pm, closed on Monday.
As you noticed, nothing much changed but a little revamp was taken place.
It's so much more spacious and air-conditioned, so no worries even during those hot sunny days.
The courtyard, they remained the eco-green feel.
Artsy kitty paintings can be seen, this one looks stunned.
Small bite - Honey 'n' Feta cheese bruschetta [RM12]
Me all-time-fav - Caffe Latte [RM10]
Aglio Olio w/ pork sausages [RM23]
Sweet ending - Chocolate brownies topped with vanila ice cream and frozen mango [RM12]
Latte was smooth, brownies used to be better paired with macadamia ice-cream.
Should've tried the carbonara, heard it's good.
I believe this cute song is the inspiration of their name.


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