Amelie, it's like my granny's

Amelie Cafe has closed down and now as Cozy in The Rocket

If you have no idea where Armenian Street is, you have a problem google it up!
Or simply go to 
Thanks to this guy,Ernest Zacharevic.
A talented Lithuania street art painter(not to forget cute too!)
who brights up Georgetown with all those awesome painting on the walls which could be 
found at several places like Chew Jetty, Ah Quee and etc(as I suggested, google it up)
I used to kind of hate Penang, but now I find it quite uh-mazing.
All those refurbished old houses don't look dull anymore.
Just like love, artsy creative coffee houses are all around.
Anyway, rode this bicycle to discover the uh-mazing Penang.
Together with Elaine, the cheerful one at Coffee Bean back in those days.
We've heard of this Amelie Cafe for quite sometime but had no idea where exactly it is.
Walked up and down Armenian Street, took us awhile to finally find it.
Duh it's like a hidden cottage in the jungle, no wonder we couldn't find it.
Simple setting with a touch of my granny's! 
Okay weird description, a touch of nostalgic will be.
It's really small and warm(as in make you all sweaty kind of warm),
there were only like 6 tables if I'm not mistaken.
My advice is, don't go when you're starving or you're a super impatient person.
Apart from all that, this cafe is green.
I'm not talking about the green leaves surrounding the cafe okay.
Instead of expensive luxurious table, they're using school tables. Totally miss it!
 And for the menu, it's made of cupboard[cardboard] we usually throw away
or Spongebob imagined it as a car. 
On a side note, I think they love penguins.
 Banana lime and banana passionfruit lassi; 
First one was nice but banana with passionfruit was too sour for me.
Aglio oglio with bacon, tasted okay but too dry. The one at Nostalgie is still the best!
I know it looks like steak, but it's the best brownies I've ever had so far.
Warm and soft but crispy at the outside, perfect match with the macademia ice-cream!
So nice that we wanted to order another one, but it was the last one.
Unlucky but lucky, or lucky but unlucky.
See, told you they love penguins.
Second time with Colleen and Jasmine
Finally she got a day off to spend some time with me in Penang, 
how can you not love her duck face?
Was full from China House, so only ordered the same lassi and this ricotta cheese.
Too sweet, not recommended.
Last but not least, me looking tall at Ah Quee
Gotta go the guy on the bike is staring at me!


  1. hahah he's like the latest hit in penang!

  2. Amelie allow you to take photo? I thought they dun allow eh? How much the food cost?

  3. Jazz I think you mixed up Chai Diam Ma with Amelie haha
    Or maybe they were too busy and didn't notice so I wasn't caught?
    Hmm RM19 for the pasta, RM12 for the brownies and RM10/each for the drinks.
    The brownies worth trying lor, really nice!

  4. Nola, I confirm is Amelie, cos previously a lot bloggers complaint about it.
    Last time i visit Chai Diam Ma, they allow me to snap photo but in condition no closeup.

  5. Oh, then I must be lucky that they were busy and didn't catch me hehe :D

  6. Lovely post dear, but the menus are made of CARDBOARD*. A cupboard is something you store things in. Basically a board for cups.

  7. hey thanks for the correction Anon!