The ship that doesn't sink

Hair makes hell lotsa different.
Don't believe me? I will show you the world why.
'Proudly' present you a picture of us 6 years ago.
I am very much horrified by myself I wanna cry.
 And this is us now, what a great relief!
Now I know why nobody wanted to date me back then.
I blame my school for that.
Anyhoo, this post has nothing to do with hair.
 But hey, I successfully curled my hair that night!
Although it's not the style I desire, but I acknowledge my tiny-winy success
Just in case you didn't know, besides the very popular Tiramisu,
 China House serves proper meals from breakfast to dinner.
Check out my first visit here
We had Ginger Bud Pesto Vegetarian Spaghetti, Chicken SchnitzelChicken and Mushroom Pie.
Taste was meh, price is expensive for the quality.
We showered the dressing meant for the pie on every single thing,
including the spaghetti.
Reminiscing high school time, when 3 of them scribbled almost all the time back then.
Cause nobody was interested to find the triangle's x.
And I would just watch, and died a little inside cause I can't draw.
Look at Eunice's priceless face! It's so animated like those typical big eyes cute anime girls!
How is that even possible??!!
The closest anime character I could find that looks like her.
And as for me...
I looked like this ugly but I find it adorable fish.
Celebrating our friendship,7 years and still counting.
Blessed to have lovable and supportive people in my life.
The cunning itsy-bitsy spider I drew underneath my arm shall end this charpelang post.


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