You don't have to go China for China House

A sunny Saturday spent with friends after Bersih 3.0(no, I wasn't there)
at China House located at Beach Street.
Here's a map of it.
To be honest I still have no idea how to get there as
we found the place by guessing and trying all the alleys at the area.
We were filled with confusion as we went in from the back door.
The entire China House is scarily long! Will elaborate more later.
Thanks to a kind lady who lead us to the front,
which then I realized it's the well-known Kopi-C Espresso.
We heard a lot about you!
 And we're here for you!
True enough it's the best tiramisu we've ever had.
It's unlike ordinary soft ones, this is filled with nuts!
 So yummy that I don't even... You must try it yourself!
Coconut with lime curd(RM12)
refreshing lime cream combined with sweet coconut bits.
 That'll be my all-time-fav, Cafe Latte(RM10)
 Bake well tart(RM8) which goes very well with
my beautifully taken Macchiato(RM9)
 Besides good cakes and coffee,
BUNCHO crayons were provided for doodling on the table!
It sure brought back a lot of childhood memories, especially at art class,
when I got detention for my horrible drawing...
Them happily drawing; Mag sends out a super artsy vibe in this picture!
Anyone interested to purchase our masterpiece?
Now let's take a walk after our satisfied tea-time.
 A variety of cakes at the bakery next to the cafe.
Reading Room which allows you to enjoy your bites while reading.
Or you can pretend to be marveled by those books like she did
BTB&Restaurant, blue Western setting with a touch of Asian and Middle east.
The very Chinese and beautiful courtyard.
 Wouldn't you believe me if I were to tell you that we were in China?
 Canteen and Bar, there'll be band playing at night.
Not to forget there's also a wine room, as well as an art gallery upstairs.
Check out their website for more info and tempting menu sample.
Last but not least, a very clear picture of the 3 of us. 


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