Sigi's Bar&Grill: Dinner for 2, price of 1

Here I was again at Sigi's Bar&Grill of Golden Sands Resort for another review.
This time at the restaurant, not by the beach.

Click here if you haven't read my post about this place 2 months ago,
personally think I wrote a great opening heh.
 Pretty sophisticated blue lights which makes the atmosphere cozy yet classy.
A romantic dinner with your beloved one will cost you a fortune, you might be thinking?
No worries.
They have this BUY1 FREE1 set dinner for 2 person, only RM110.
Here, I've saved your worry of not having enough money in your wallet.
You're welcome.
Now allow me to show you what you're getting for this set dinner:
Homemade bread with sunflower seed
Goes well with butter prepared, Jason suggested to add reasonable amount of salt
on the butter to make the bread taste even better.
When the food was served, we were introduced to the art of smelling.
Remember the rat in Ratatouille?
Always smell before you eat to get a hint of what the ingredients are.
Highland Green/ Beetroot/ Balsamic Vinaigrette
They seemed ordinary but the greens are freshly picked, seasoned with 
vinegar oil dressing, topped with Parmesan and goat cheese. 
Giving you the taste of sweet, sour and salty all at once!
Spot the beetroot
It's high in vitamins in purifying our blood, boost our liver and immune system.
Now the salad isn't only yummy, but super healthy too.
Orange Tomato/Crab Meat/ Truffle Creme
Creamy tomato soup with a hint of tangy orange.
It was quite nice but as we're finishing the taste got too sour and personally
think the crab meat spoiled the soup a little bit. 
The chef explained that it depends on individual preference,
some people like it sour but some people don't.
Ocean Casserole/Bell Pepper Puree/Aglio-e-Oglio Pasta
Aglio oglio sided with fresh goodies from the ocean, prefer eating the pasta alone. 
My first time trying Angel hair, not bad I would say but the chef was a little stingy with the amount.
Braised Duck Breast/Barley Cous Cous/Dates Reduction
First you taste the duck with sweet sauce, then you eat the barley cous cous alone, 
finally you eat them both together. 
Giving you 3 different tasting experiences that will surprise you!
Personally love the barley cous cous alone, chewy and delicious!
Lemon Cheese/Berries Compote/Almond Tuille
 Lemon cheese cake made into tart, topped with berry ice-cream,
 sided with almond waffle biscuits and berry juices. 
Overall was okay but too sour for me, thumbs up for the ice-cream though.
Last but not least, you can have a sip of hot coffee or tea.

Aren't you moved yet?
Call 04 8861852 or email to
for reservations or inquiries.
Valid till 31st August 2012 only, so be quick!
And if you're lucky, the 3Js will be there entertaining you.
Be ready to indulge yourself in those romantic lovey-dovey blues!

Credits to Sigi's Bar&Grill and Gourmet Garden for inviting.


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