SIGI's Beach Bar and Grill

Imagine this:
You're relaxing at a sandy beach, gazing at the infinity sky with fluffy clouds
Lucky by Jason Mraz&Colbie Caillat is playing softly on your iPod
Listening to the sound of  waves hitting the shore, flock of birds flying across
The smell of the sea, your soul harmonized with the nature and its beauty.
What else could be missing?
All that's missing is YOU!
Sorry couldn't help. 
Golden Sands Resort has lauched a new bar, Sigi's Bar&Grill(SBG)
No idea where Golden Sands is? It's okay(because neither did I!)
It's the one next to Rasa Sayang, the beach in Batu Ferringhi everybody goes to.
So what's so special about this beach bar?
Bean bags!
Now you don't have to bring your own beach mat or yoga mat 
to avoid sand in the pants, or neither do you have to pay TGV for those seats.
All you have to do is lying on the comfy bean bag, and have a sip of cocktail like a sir.

Speaking of cocktail,
SBG has launched this series of Mojito that I really love.
Just in case you don't know what a Mojito is,
Here's a not-very-promising picture of one I had in Clarke Quay 2 years ago.
It's basically rum with lime juice, sugar and mint leaf(which I call it laksa leaf)
Refreshingly quench your thirst! 

They have variety of flavours to cater everyone's taste buds:
From Signature SBG Mojito, to Ginger Orange, Lyche, Pineapple, Strawberry and Classico.
Tried the strawberry one and it's really nice, too bad no pictures as I was walking around.
People at the bar under the cozy tent
As we were enjoying our Mojito, here comes these 3 hilarious man.
The 3J's:
Johnny, John and Jon(or something like that)
really funny and entertaining.
They would sing anything you request! Maybe except dubstep.
 Apart from the strolling band, the in-house band played all night long
Followed by this bartender flair, which happened too fast that I didn't get to stop and stare.
Pretty amazing fire jugglers who sets fire to the rain, love the artsy shot I took heh.
The bartender demonstrating cocktail mixing
And guess what? We get to mix our own cocktail too!
At SBG you could mix your own customised mojitos, banana chocolate sounds interesting.
Some of the food served that night;
Awesome savoury fruit tart, fruits with Vodka, and this seafood-chowder-thing.
There was more but all were finger food so again, no pictures.
Please try their salmon avocado sandwich, scrumptious!
 Another highlight of the beach bar would be this sandpit, 
with shovels and bucket prepared to build a sand empire.
And that's something that I found really heart warming.
Stephanie couldn't agree more. Kids nowadays rely on iPads to
keep them entertained, they're losing all the real fun we had back in those days.
Was really happy to see kids having fun in the old way, aww.
The beach bar opens 5pm to 12am daily.
Any reservation or inquiries do call 04-8861911 or e-mail to
 I've been wanting to dine in Sigi's ever since I heard of it years ago.
Thanks to Gourmet Garden for making my dream came true.
On a side note credit to Joling who allows me to steal her awesome photos.


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