All of the Lights, Paris

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Finally, my 3 days 2 nights in the
City of Lights
The legendary(refrained myself from Barney Stinson's favorite) 


Took AirFrance at Basel airport. The plane was so small that I knocked my head, twice.
Bought 3 days transportation ticket at the airport,
 it's a great saver as you could take the train, tram and metro for unlimited times.
After we figured out the map, we took a long train ride into the city.
Paris is different compared to Italy and Switzerland.
People there are always rushing here and there,
keep looking at their watch every 3 minutes, they don't seem to have a second to breathe.
That stressed me out a little, lucky that I was on vacation.
You heard him, maybe you would want to skip if you're not interested w/ the tower.
So, the first thing I wanted to do once I hopped off the train was to see the tower.
Not long after we walked out of the train station, we saw the tip of it!
Me and my aunt literally screamed as we were approaching the tower.
couldn't take my eyes of it as we were walking towards it.
I wasn't overreacting at all, you have to see it yourself to understand my smothering excitement.
#Fact: Did you know that a woman, Erika La Tour Eiffel, married the Eiffel Tower?
Now you know I'm not exaggerating.
And finally, me w/ the tower. Now I can die in peace.
Different perspective, love this shot!
Didn't get up the tower as there was a ridiculously long queue, didn't have much time to spare.
It started to rain as we left.
Although it kind of ruined the trip, but at least it only happened
 after I took pictures w/ the tower? #optimistic
Dinner at Ribe; Appetiser
Salmon w/ incredibly yummy creamy sauce and steak.
 Compared to Italy and Switzerland, I have to say the food in Paris is the best.
And surprisingly, w/ affordable price. It was only 17.90 euros each set.
Imagine eating good steak in Penang, how expensive it could be.
And not to forget this comes w/ appetiser!
Oh and, plain water over there is free! 1 more point to Paris!

After this satisfying dinner, our 'adventurous' journey started.
It was just both me and my aunt, we didn't book any accommodation before we went.
So both of us dragged along our luggage, looking for affordable hotel from street to street.
My aunt was actually excited and had fun doing that. That's why I love her! :)
Cute post-it war on a random building, Pac-Man vs. Space Invader!
Saw quite a number of guitar stores, which reminds me of Calvin the tauke.
Found a cozy affordable shelter after 2 hours of sight-seeing while searching.
Straight dated the bed w/ deadly exhaustion.
Shopping at Galeries LaFayette the next morning.
There were so many tourists from China, so many!
Only a picture of the beautiful ceiling as I was busy shopping hah!
Moved on to visit some tourist attractions.
Macaron Heaven! It's a waste that I wasn't craving for anything sweet, so didn't even bother to step in.
Look at what I found!
Tourism agency recommending Parisians to visit Malaysia!
For the first time I'm proud to be Malaysian hah!
Musée du Louvre, the musuem where the Mona Lisa painting is kept.
A peek into the musuem, there was a long queue again so yea, I had to peek.
Aww poor bride.
The weather was extremely cold, even colder than Switzerland, no joke.
And that's why you don't see me as I was wrapped like a dumpling hah!
Notre Dame, remember churches are not my fascination?
Police officers on horses, how cool is that?
Had dinner at the restaurant next to the one we went the other day
This restaurant is even better, the set comes w/ dessert!
Crepe w/ sugar; The caramel pudding is the bomb, bitter top and sweet base!
Took a walk after dinner and
So, we met again! 
The warm beautiful lights, air turned crisp w/ the smell of dream-came-true.
Breathtaking isn't it?
 Captured both day and night, what more could I ask for?
As we were heading towards the metro station, we heard girls screaming and when we turned to see..
 It sparkled.......
I wonder how many times can I die.
 Arc de Triomphe surrounded by chasing cars and Eiffel Tower at the back.
Strolled along a street w/ branded stores, shopped a little at GAP and called it a day.
 The last day in Paris; Vietnamese for lunch in China town.
To be honest, it was my first time trying Vietnamese and I'm in love!
Or maybe everything was just perfect in Paris.
The last thing to do was still, Shopping! 
Took the train to the last station, La Vallee Village.
It's a village of brands outlets, and Blonde Salad was there a week before I went!
 Was kind of upset that I couldn't afford most of the stuff there as there was no huge discounts.
Then aunt asked me to give Michael Kors a try and I guess she regretted it so much.
 I took the longest time to decide which one to get hah!
One for me, one for Colleen :) Oh and a small one for love on the previous post.
Headed back to China town to grab some Vietnamese food for the family,
and we almost missed our flight back.
I must give credit to the quality of this paperbag from Longchamp, so endurable!
Thank God for making it happen for me, it's way beyond what I could imagine.
And huge thanks to my aunt for bringing me around, 
bearing w/ me taking pictures of every single thing I see,
and even worse helping me taking pictures w/ almost everything,
tolerating me for taking too long in deciding,
helping me to carry stuff and tonnes more! 
Danke schön, I will repay you, one day :) ♥


  1. Jennifer , I definitely love your tour !!
    And I am going to Europe during my summer holiday, most probably July !!
    Can you give me some suggestions on accommodation in Paris ?
    I will appreciate that a lot

  2. My dream place!!! Waiting for my dream to come true:P

    1. Believe that you can make it happen and it will come true! :)


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