Surprise, surprise! I'm blogging about my trip so soon this time!
If you follow me on Instagram or my friend, you would know that I went on a
three-month vacation in Europe from July to September.
It's my fourth time in Europe, but first time in Prague and I'm happy that I decided to go.
The view from Berlin to Prague on the bus. There are always sunflower fields around, it's magical.
Prague was the second leg of my trip but I've decided to blog about it before I did on Berlin 
because Berlin was the beginning and the end. I want that to be the last post of my trip.
Does it make sense? I don't even care.

I was hesitating to go to Prague at first as I was planning my trip. I asked my friends who had been here,
all of them told me it's lovely but none of them could tell me what it has to offer.
They just told me that I have to be there myself. Indeed, there's no touristic spots apart from
the astronomical clock and Charles Bridge.
Each and every corner is so cute, I think I took more photos here than in Paris.
I was even deciding if Prague has beaten Paris to be my favorite city in the world.
By the way, Porto is my favorite city now.
 I didn't know they have a Shakespeare Bookstore here, so excited when I found it while looking around on Google Maps.
 I spent half the afternoon reading The Little Prince again. The first time I read it was in Kinokuniya in Singapore.
I was heartbroken and broke back then, this book definitely gave me hope.
And it still does, the melancholy and joy it put me through was simply amazing.
I ended up wanting to buy every The Little Prince merchandises, they're everywhere!
But I bought none of them cause I eat too much.
Be sure to check out their flea market near the dancing house.
Also, be sure that you're hungry when you go there because there's so much food!
I made a mistake by eating before going so I didn't get anything there.
It was a really hot and bad day for I kept taking the wrong roads and I thought it was going to be cold.

Funny/Weird Story Time:

If you know me well, strange things always happen to me and I love them because they enrich my life and experience.
I stayed at Hostel Advantage, the best hostel that I've ever stayed! Great location, super clean,
many bathrooms with luggage locker right under your bed. You access everything with a key card, super convenient! Anyway, everyone who wasn't partying basically slept by 10pm and so did I because I was exhausted. A dude checked in super late and happened to be sleeping the bunk above me. He was making a lot of noise so I was pretty irritated.
On the next morning as I was heading out, he started the conversation and
told me that he was going to a strip club with his friends at night.
Well, I've never been to one and I thought if I didn't go with him that night, I might never go in my life.
I mean, he was pretty friendly so I thought there was no harm going with him.
I went to a strip club!
With a stranger that I had just met that morning!
I scared my friends even more when I told them that the dude is an Indian HAHAHA
Anyway, I was the only girl in the audience. It was super weird.
But I only got stares when I was walking in, who would want to watch me when the girls are stripping on stage.
It was truly eye-opening, you've gotta see it for yourself, at least once in your life.
And Snow White will never be the same for me ever again ._.
The best ice-cream in Prague! Definitely go for the chili chocolate one, it's spicyyy

Didn't expect dining in Prague to be expensive since the accommodation is super cheap.
Even got tricked into eating goulash cause they told me it's a traditional Czech dish, like how???
I didn't know that because I'm dumb, and the goulash was meh.
The cheapest food I found in Prague lol.
When in Prague, try their local pilsner. I don't usually drink but this is pretty smooth.
Visited Chun Kai at the Taiwanese restaurant he works at, he treated me 盐酥鸡 and milk tea!
Go to Hoja Pot if you're craving for Taiwanese food or hotpot whenever you go to Prague okay!
I'm embarrassed to say that this is my favorite food in Prague LOL. But it's really good, try it.
Chun Kai showed me around on his off day and took photos for me patiently. 万分感恩!
And we met in Switzerland again later on during my trip!
Prague was amazing, I think it's one of the best cities to do your bachelor/bachelorette party
for they have so many crazy things and clubs. They have beer spa. Like, why?
Okay till then <3


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