Paris - Third Time's A Charm

Six years later, I went to Paris again!

 They say third time's a charm, I couldn't agree more to that.
It was my third time in Paris, and finally, this time alone in summer!
Personally think it's the best weather to see the city, except there was heat wave when I was there.
Fortunately, I'm Malaysian so it was bearable.
Hi this is me six years ago rocking a Burberry coat.
 I stayed with Mikael on the first three nights I was there. 
Little did I know he's a Couchsurfing OG and he had been on TV before for hosting many in the past!
Oh he was singing to U2 when I took this picture lol
 Mikael folded my train ticket into a shirt, how is this guy single!
We went to Jardin Tino-Rossi to dance with a bunch of strangers. 
Apparently that's what people do during the evening everyday in summer!
The Parisians sure know how to live a good life. 
We were doing swing dancing and to my surprise, I actually picked it up quite quickly!
So proud of myself ;-; 
 We walked from the jardin to Notre Dame and I screamed when I saw this.
I was supposed to come here the next day but Mikael brought me here, knowing that I would love this place.
 Such a magical place with inspiring story behind. I really do hope everyone read how the store came about.
 I started jumping like this here and did the same all the way to Germany. 
Couldn't remember why I did that, and now I recalled Mikael told me
this place - Le Caveau du Huchette was featured in La La Land.
Hence the dancing. I haven't watched it :/
 I had a savory crepe!
 Went back to Shakespeare and Company the next day as planned and did some work at the cafe next door.
No wifi, just people watching and immersing myself in the chatter noise, when I was supposed to be working.
 Very chapelang lunch - Bak kut teh, bread and pastries. I was so happy to be eating rice.
Not sure if that's weird, but I was eating baguette with pesto.
Oulom was the second host I had in Paris. He offered to host me
when I was lugging my bags on the streets. He's a life savior. 
*will talk more about my Couchsurfing experience in my later post
 And he's an amazing photographer too! 
I was actually sad that I was walking around Eiffel Tower alone on the second day,
and begged Oulom to take photos of me after he showed me the photos he took in Iceland.
He gave me a few hours of his hectic life to fulfil my dream. We had a hotdog by the river, life is good indeed.
 Ended the night with a glass of mojito and took a stroll along Pont Alexandre III. 
 I was walking around Montmarte one evening and was trying my luck
to find the restaurant I went with my family six years ago.
I don't remember the name, neither did I know where it was. 
I only remembered there's a store selling art next door.
But there are stores selling art everywhere! 
And I found the place. It was the only proper meal we had in Paris. 
We only ate at bakeries back then, and we stumbled upon this restaurant after visiting Sacre Coeur.
My mom suggested that we eat here. It wasn't fancy, but it was lovely.
I tried escargot for the very first time here. I wrote down my feelings in the little notebook I brought everywhere with me.
 Saw this dreamy view when I was on my way home, it was a rewarding day.
The only stray dog that I saw in Paris. I followed him around cause he's so cute.
Everyone looked very concerned that this dog doesn't have a home, 
they would be bawling their eyes out if they found about the stray situation in Malaysia.
 Took out my mat and read a book at Jardin Luxemboug. The police came and told me no sitting on the grass LOL 
 Cute pixel arts are everywhere, I saw a goku one too!
 I had pastries every time I get a chance to, it would be silly not to when in Paris!
Mikael introduced me to Utopie, it has got to be the best bakery on earth!
Everything there is simply amazing, no pain au chocolate in the world can beat theirs!
I'm tearing as I type, I need to go back ;-;
Went to Van Gogh's exhibition with Mich, the main reason why I made the trip to Paris.
My heart breaks every time I look at his art, he could've achieved so much but I guess life is cruel sometimes.
Love the exhibition, great curation. I truly immersed in each brush strokes that were so vivid and alive.
I also discovered Nina Simone there, I hate myself for knowing so little.
If you've never travelled alone before, I beg you to do that at least once in your life.
You'll see so much more and learn so much more. The only downside is that nobody takes nice photos of you.
Unless you're lucky like me to find amazing people like Oulom and Mikael <3


  1. Hey just asking. Your bracelets brand - craft by zeus. Is it still open for business? I want to buy but the website seems down. Fb also didt updated.

    1. Hi Justine, it was my friend's business and it's closed. Thanks for dropping by!


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