Au Jardin Hin Bus Depot

 Mirror mirror on the wall, why do I always look tired?
 Yong asked me to check out this place to decide whether I want to come here for my birthday since 
I happened to be at Hin Bus Depot helping my brother at his calligraphy booth back in February.
It was a definite YES once I stepped in, can't say no to places with a lot of sunlight.
I must say this place is a mixture of everything - Minimalism, vintage, turquoise, classy.
Makes me think that the owner can't decide what he wants best and throw everything together,
which works out in the end! Oh 80% of the ingredients are locally sourced, yay to #supportlocal.
 Thought this was the appetizer but it was the appetizer before appetizer lol
It's crispy beetroot with... mayo? I'm so sorry I forgot what's that, the waiter's too cute.
Gotta love the homemade butter that melts in your mouth.
Terrine of Iberian Pork Jowl [RM32]
Pickled shallots, pork scratchings, granny smith apple, red wine vinegar, basil oil
A mix of crunchy, soft and sour, reminded me of the mini forest salad I had in Pangkor Laut Resort.
Veloute of Cepes & Mushrooms [RM32]
Espuma of Black Truffle, Parmigianno Regianno
This I love! Love everything with truffle and cheese, so smooth, smoky and creamy!
 120 Days Graind-fed Australian Angus Beef Ribeye [RM110]
French Beans, Broccoli, Potato Rosties, Jus Maison, Yorkshire Pudding
The beef was great but personally think there's just too much stuff in one plate. 
The potato rosties were simply delicious too but the Yorkshire pudding was a little odd to me.
Mostly because I'm an uncultured swine, sorry chef.
 Pan Seared Barramundi [RM65]
Beurre Blanc, Candied Pearl Onions, Buttery Mash
Now this is a plate of perfectness! Crispy skin, the fish was soft and the mash was amazing.
 Mandarin & Yuzu 
Yuzu Parfait, Mandarin Segments, Orange Hazelnut Crumbs
Sweet, creamy, tangy. Thanks to the staff who decorated this for my belated birthday hehe
Genmaicha Creme Brulee
Fermented strawberry granite, Popping Candy
Such a fun dessert - The smoky aftertaste from the genmaicha, sweetness from the strawberries
and occasional popping surprise from the popping candy.
We ordered two sets of lunch menu in March, RM95 for the fish and RM135 for the beef.
Everything here is pretty satisfying, highly recommended!
 Thank you Yong for the treat <3 Oh this is their bar upstairs
Restaurant Au Jardin
Opening hours
Thursday & Friday
11am - 3pm, 5:30pm - 11:30pm
Saturday & Sunday
9am - 3pm, 5:30pm - 11:30pm
Closes Monday to Wednesday
123, Jalan Timah, 10300 Georgetown Penang (Hin Bus Depot)
04-218 9594

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