Froghill Tasek Gelugor 大马九寨沟

I've seen many people posting about this heaven on earth on Instagram so
a photographer friend suggested to visit this place and we had no regrets.
I was a little skeptical before I came here but I was proved wrong, it's so beautiful.
It's good to be alive kind of beautiful. 
Located 15km north-east from Butterworth, you can get to this place simply 
key-ing in Frog Hill Tasek Gelugor on Waze.
Once you turned in from the main road, it would take you 10 to 15 minutes to this abandoned quarry.
It took us approximately 40 minutes to get here from Penang island.
It was not difficult to find but the road was rather bumpy. 
It was almost 5pm when we got here, the sun was strong but thank god for the strong wind 
making the weather bearable. And also resulting to my fabulous hair.
We waited for sunset, which was breathtaking.
There are several spots to shoot from so have fun experimenting!
Besides taking instagrammable photos, you can also play in the water.
There were kids doing that so it's definitely safe!
- It requires a littllleeee bit of hike to get to this place.
Super easy hike but rather slippery so wear proper shoes
- You will be walking on red soil so I'd advise you not to wear your favorite NMD or Yeezy
cause your shoes might be ruined. Also, don't get a car wash before coming here cause you'll
definitely need one after this trip
- Bring along an umbrella if you're a puteri lilin cause there's no shade to hide from the sun
Huge thanks to Nigel for taking all these amazing photos! And also driving all the way here :')
Do check out his website okay his photos are dope!
Click here for directions.


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