Barcelona Photo Diary

Last leg of our Euro trip was somewhere unfamiliar at first, which we soon adapted.
I know I said Porto was my second favorite city in the world but looking at these photos, I couldn't decide anymore. 
A city so vibrant with music, architecture and good food.
The only thing I knew about this city was the honeymoon 道明寺 and 杉菜 went on in Meteor Garden II and 
of course, the amazing works of Antoni Gaudi and his tragic death.
Nobody speaks English here, which was totally fine. The weather was perfect, there was so much sun that we could finally show some skin. One thing that we did in Europe every morning was to go to the balcony to see if there was sun.
"Is there sun? Can we wear shorts today?" 
I asked that on the last day of our trip and I would never forget how excited Kim's reply was. 
Pure joy, my favorite picture among all gorgeous shots.
There was a riot happening at a community centre the first night we arrived. As gunshots were fired and people started running, Kim attempted to get closer to the riot. She wanted to be a photojournalist, love that crazy girl :)
We stayed at Factory Hostel which we highly recommend for many reasons. 
Clean, convenient, key card that you wear as a bracelet, love their kitchen that we made our 5-course 
dinner for two days consecutive. Most of all, Park Guell is just five minutes walk away!
There we met the cutest baby that I have even seen who couldn't stop giggling and blabbering.
I miss you everyday, my barcelona bb.
Dinner at El Glop was satisfying. If you happened to be there, do order their squid ink paella.
That was the night we started having sangria for every meal in Barcelona.
We had one of our lunches at Bar El Roure which was recommended by Lonely Planet and
all of us agreed that we have better tapas in Penang. Well, it was one of Ernest Hemingway's favorite bars.
Perhaps people come for inspiration to write.
All those beautiful architectures that we admired from the outside cause we didn't want to pay to go in lol.
The ceiling of the opera house looked like it was filled with pies.
Went to the Picasso museum, I didn't enjoy as much as I did at Van Gogh back in Amsterdam. 
My impression of Picasso completely changed since that visit, he sure had a complicated mind which I don't understand especially the collections of prostitutes. He was talented nevertheless. 
Simply astonishing but I wonder if Gaudi was alive, is this what he would've wanted?

We were the happiest at Sargardi with pintxos so good. Look at WJ and Kim deciding which pintxos to take like they were deciding on their career path. Too adorable!
I burst out laughing when WJ sang Hymm of the Weekend when we were considering
to order sangria due to our tight budjet and WJ gave us a treat.
Drink from me, drink from me.
That was the very cool Sandrine that we met before bidding farewell to the city.
Couldn't ask for better travel companions, till our next adventure.
Photos by Kim


  1. Where is kimtography or kimberly yeoh doing now?

    1. Kimtography is striving in the Chicago right now. Do you miss her amazing photos? Please reply so that she knows her work is being appreciated and we might have the opportunity to bring her back to Malaysia :D

  2. It's ok I will wait for more amazing blogs and photos


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