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Traveling is the quintessence of life. At least to me, it is.
No matter near or far the destination, travelling fuels my soul so I'll try to do that as often as possible.
Of course, to be able to do that, one has to travel smart, especially when it comes to flight and accommodation.

I'm sure most of you have heard of Traveloka but if you haven't, 
they are a travel website in south east specialised in flight and accommodation, 
which is exactly what a traveller would need!

Why use Traveloka?
Easy to use
 I like how clean their interface is where you could see everything in one glance.
It's easy to find whatever you need just by clicking without the hassle of scrolling up and down looking for one thing and you would probably just give up booking with that particular website like what usually happen to me.

Good deals
The market is really competitive nowadays but yet Traveloka is still one 
of the sites that offer really good deals! 

Best price
Traveloka compares flight prices with many flight company for the most affordable price for your trip.
I have personally booked a flight with them before so you can take my word for it :)

24-hours customer service
If you're a night owl like me where your mind is clearer in the middle of the night
and you have questions for them, you can do that anytime of the day because
they don't sleep their customer service is 24-hours!

They have a blog!
This is my personal favorite. Their articles vary from travel guides, 
deals that you should grab, cultural stuff and more! 
My favorite word would totally be siao, because I say that everyday. 
That's the only slang my Filipino ex-colleague picked up lol, I'm such a bad influence.

If you're traveling to KL, here's a recommendation for you!
Located in the heart of the bustle city, Regalia Residence would be a wise choice if you are going to the
Putra World Trade Centre or simply just because you're traveling in the city!
Its strategic location is only 0.18km away from Putra MRT and 0.27km from PWTC LRT station!
And most importantly, it has a view to-die-for. The entire city before you right at the swimming pool!
How can you not love this especially you're on Instagram and always on a look out for aesthetic shot? #goal
So let's get the booking started, shall we? 
First thing first, download the Traveloka app! Or you can do it on your computer too.

Go to the Hotel button and simply key-in the hotel name.

 This is what I meant when I said I love their clean interface! 
Once you chose the hotel that you're looking for, you will see pictures of the hotel,
ratings, facilities, what's nearby the hotel and the price of the stay.

If everything looks good to you, go ahead and click on Select Room at the bottom of the page
and select the room that you desire! 
Confirm your booking, register, review booking, pay and you're done!
I must mention about how simply their registration is, 
all you need to fill in would be your Name, Phone number and e-mail address.
Senang kan?
Annndddd you're ready for your vacation!
If you're too lazy to follow my guide above, simply book Regalia Residence online by clicking the link! 
As mentioned earlier, Traveloka also offers flights around south east asia and even Europe!
So what are you travel bugs waiting for? Go on Traveloka and start booking hotels for your travels now!

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