Porto Photo Diary

Bom dia!
Hopped on the train in Lisbon and 4 hours later, we arrived at this lovely place,
which is now my second favourite city after Paris.
While you're here, there's one crucial word that you need to know -
It means cod fish.
The hostel we stayed, love the details on the ceiling and the stairs.
Algeria means joy. This is the street of joy :)
It was a bummer that the Bolhao Market was closed when we arrived,
saw an enormous penis-shaped bread. Portuguese sure has a sense of humour.
The people here loves attention, an old lady kept asking Kim to take photos of her.
A city so rich in history, the baroque-style buildings, stories of Saints and histories printed on tiles. 
A sense of saudade indeed.
Had our super late lunch at an ancient restaurant Confeitaria Do Bolhao, all we had were pastries and hot cocoa.
It's so cool that people just stood at the counter, eating their pastries with a beer.
And I had a business idea of bringing some Portuguese pastry chefs with me
back to Penang and I'll open a cafe selling all these heavenly pastries.
If you support my idea and you have the money and you love pastries, feel free to contact me.
Dinner with the team from The Amazing Rabbit.
We had all sorts of meat, and we learnt that you don't pronounce the 's' in Nando's.
Livraria Lello put us in awe. 
Possibly the most beautiful book shop in the world, JK Rowling used to come here a lot. 
And rumour says the book store was her inspiration for Hogwarts. 
An artist was upstairs.  Each of us gave him a word of our choice and he wrote us 
something with the word with his typewriter.
A poem, a letter, anything that popped into his mind. This place is magical.
My word was enough.
Next day we had more pastries at Padaria Ribeiro and this traditional dish called Francesinha with a 2euro beer.

Before leaving, we visit the beautiful Dom Luis Bridge.
Designed by the dude who designed Eiffel Tower, it was built before Eiffel Tower.
It was sad that we only had one night and we didn't get to drink any port wine.
I love you and I will be back, Oporto.
Photos by Kim


  1. The 2nd photo of the four last photos of you is very nice , with the sun shining on your hair.


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