Madrid Photo Diary

Sorry that I've taken some time to be on my own.
So happy to be back to where i belong. I'm getting back on my feet.

I know, i know. This took way too long but i always think it's better late than never.
Second leg of our Euro trip last year was Madrid.
I knew nothing about Madrid. All I knew was Jolin's 马德里不思议 
and yes, we sang that song all day err day when we were there. 
Checked into L&H Plaza Santa Ana, perfect location. 
The first photo of my toasted hair was taken from at balcony, 
can't stress enough for the love we have for the scorching sun in Europe.
Went to La Puebla as seen on Lonely Planet, SO GOOD.
Menu is in Spanish, the challenge and surprises got us all thrilled.
Their set meal, which includes a starter, main and dessert was only 11.50euro!
One of the reasons why i love Europe for their super good and affordable food.
Meanwhile, in Malaysia, some cafes charge RM25 for some shitty eggs benedict. 
By the way, did you know that their bottled wine is cheaper than water?

Not Disneyland.
Kim made a video summarising the trip with Roscoe James Irwin's Arrows.
That indie song that we couldn't stop singing while they played with my hair
doesn't have its own music video but totally deserves one so Kim kinda made one herself.
She said you look so funny with your hands on fire
I said you look so pretty with your hair untied
Me and Ling Wei looked like a pair of newly-wed couple at the back.

We chilled at the park by the Palacio de Cristal. 
Some took a nap, some were reading and some were writing postcards. 
Watched Eat, Pray, Love for the second time last night and i was reminded of il bel far niente once again.
i love this. we need to take life slow and enjoy the little things.
and i love watching people cuddle.
The city was laid back, siesta didn't originate from Spain for nothing. 
we had a good laugh at the dog that stole the boy's balloon, 
and this ridiculously perfect looking man on his bike.
we went all sampat when we saw llao llao on the street.

the father and son had matching outfit it's so cute I'm gonna cry.
had some really good hurros at the must-go ancient Chocolateria San Gines
the chocolate dip was so thick we weren't sure if it's for drinking
but we asians so we drink it anyway.
The lash extension made my eyes besar giler
We cooked, drank wine and watched Sex and the City while binging on chips.
people were partying until 4 in the morning it's insane.
Photos taken by the one and only Kim


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