Amsterdam - 10 Things to Do in Amsterdam

Please refrain from laughing at my mama pants, I realised that I only had a pair of jeans 
that I have been wearing since.. 4 years ago right before the trip.

 Despite my totally unrelated opening, I bet you could tell what this post is about looking at the title.
If you didn't know(which kinda mean we're not friends), Europe has always been my favourite place to visit.
Whenever I have saved enough money, I would spend them on a good Europe trip!
Which explains why I've never been to many places in the world, including Bangkok.
Perhaps I need to witness couples holding hands in restaurant
once in a whileto convince myself that love isn't dead.
Now let's cut to the chase and see what I have for the so-called 10 must-dos in Amsterdam!

1. Shop at Albert Heijn
I hope you don't think the post started too lame for you but this is essential! At least for us.
In fact, it was the first the thing that we did right after we landed and gotten the wifi password!

Always an aunty at heart, I enjoy grocery shopping so this is definitely a heaven for me!
Apart from those fresh and juicy fruits, assorted yoghurt and cheeses that we can't find in Malaysia, 
these pre-packed food makes us really happy.
Ranges from salad, quinoa, grilled chicken, turkey and a lot more, the selections are 
pretty sweeping, they tasted good and most importantly, very affordable!
And I tried my first pineberries here, meh still prefer strawberries.

2. Stroll along the canal belt

 Pretty self-explainatory. There are a total of 165 canals in this city, 
take a photo with each and every one of them, get them printed into postcards and send them to your friends.
I don't have 165 friends.
 Not to forget, they are magical at night.

3. Admire those canal houses emoji in real life
 They're so cute aren't they?
 People living here must be happy, I mean, how can they not when their houses are surrounded by wisteria?

4. Rent a bike
There are more cyclists than pedestrians in this city, I'm sure it would be a hell of an experience 
to do sight-seeing on wheels. We explored by foot throughout the four days we were there.

5. Visit the museums 
Musuem-hopping is one of my favourite things to do whenever I travel.
Here you are spoilt with 75 museums! All comes with admission fee, so do some research before deciding. 
We went to Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum, very enriching experiences with different take-aways.

6. Visit the flower markets
Here's something free!

 So happy to be here. If I were to live in this city I would totally buy myself fresh flowers
everyday, did you see how cheap the peonies are? It's unbelievably cheap!

7. Check out cool festivals 
We were really lucky to catch the last day of Rolling Kitchens!

The annual event gives you an extensive culinary adventure together with live music!
And a really really hot chef too <3
Food was really good and affordable there so if you happened to be there
in May, this is absolutely a must-visit!
These happy hippies singing about life made me shed a tear.

And that's me being vain taking a selfie with the dude who made that explosive
sausage on sourdough and super good mustard. And also me being a doughnut lady.

8. Try everything 420
Cannabis lollipops, cannabis ice-cream, cannabis coffee. You name it, they got it.
Before you judge me, here are the 23 Health Benefits of Marijuana

9. Do nothing at the parks
As we were walking towards the festival, Ling Wei and Kim who were walking ahead of us 
just casually laid down on the grass. At first we were like "what are you guys doing
let's move before sun sets" but they refused to get up so we conformed.
And nobody was willing to get up later on.

10. FOOD

How to learn about one's culture? Through food of course.
Love how picturesque and not pretentious every cafe is, pretty much everything is Tumblr-material.
 We also believe that eating at McDonalds in every cities would help us understand
a culture more, so that's a photo of us in McDonalds. The one in Lisbon was the worst.

11. Lock your love on the The Fault in Our Stars bench
Just kidding, please don't do that.
Here are more random photos.

Thank you Kim for the amazing photos :)


  1. Great shots!!! Guess i spent too little time over Amsterdam last time, really missed out a lot

    1. haha credit to the talented photographer ;) Oh how long were you there? We were only there for 4D3N and I think it was more than enough unless you want to visit the outskirt, which was recommended by the local. Thanks for dropping by Celine! :)

  2. What camera you are holding?


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