Yangon Photo Diary

I have mixed feeling for Yangon.
This city is filled with decaying buildings which made it beautiful.
Within the poor community, I see survival.
People selling anything they could think of on the street;
A bucket of burning coal, food in hot oil, voila! You have your own business.
Witnessed pure joy in a bunch of adults playing football in the drizzling rain.
The oddest stall I saw was probably the pop-up bookstore by the street,
a young man reading a book while looking after the stall was a camera shy.
Thanks to The Culture Trip's recommendation, we found our way to
Pansodan Art Gallery and took that looking-out-the-window photo.
I enjoyed myself the most at the Rangoon Tea House having what a hipster place should have,
some good Kodaline and Vance Joy songs, serving authentic Burmese food.
Apart from all these, nothing else amazed me.
I don't exactly enjoy visiting churches and temples so I was bored when we were
done with the second pagoda, more so when we had to pay for the entrance fee.
But I wasn't expecting much from this city, so the experience was good enough I would say.

Tips if you're traveling to Yangon:
Most of the places accept kyat(their currency) and USD but I would really
advice you to bring kyat instead of USD. We had a major problem when we did our 
shopping at a shopping mall as they didn't want to take our USD note just because
there's a black dot on the note. We went to two money changer near the mall and they refused to
take our money as well. Luckily we managed to find a cab who was willing to take 
the USD or else we would've stuck at the mall and might have to walk back to our hotel.

If you're planning to visit the pagodas, wear something that's not revealing -
with sleeve and below your knee.
Not all pagodas provide you with free sarong especially the major ones,
we were charged a ridiculous price for their sarong at Swhedagon.
However, you get to bring back the sarong that you paid for but the quality isn't worth the price.

Most of the photos were taken using iPhone6, edited with vscocam.


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