Jou Morie Clothing

I might have pulled a resting bitch face but my love for this brand is never gonna change.
So cheesy.
Anyway, before I start talking about this clothing brand which I think everybody should check out,
here's a story of this dedicated person who I admire.
Me and Jhu, the founder of the Jou Morie "met" online when we were actively blogging about food few years back.
She dropped a comment on my blog, which led me to a part of her world she shares with everyone.
I was very impressed by the photographs she took, and the way she writes.
When the right photos and words come together, it's magic.
Sounds a little drama, but her articles always brought me to tears.
The way she expresses herself, the love she has for her family and the passion she has for her dreams.
She has got to be one of the most sincere and humble person I have met.
This girl has never ever stopped learning, where she does so much more outside her 9 to 5 job.
Earlier this year, she founded her own brand Jou Morie and I have been a fan ever since.
The name Morie derived from the Japanese word Mori, which means forest.
It implies a place of tranquility yet full of life.
Don't you just love it already?
A quick look at the brand's photos portrays simplicity yet exquisite. 
Each piece is unique on is own, it's a curated lifestyle in your wardrobe.
And by the way, all the beautiful photos were taken by the founder herself.
Being a Jou Morie fan, here are some of their items that I own!
That's me strolling the street of Barcelona in front of Gaudi's Casa Mila back in May.
This crotchet top can be worn on it's own or you can throw it over on almost 
whatever you're wearing, giving an extra touch to the basics.
Crochet Lace Spaghetti Top [SGD$ 13.90] | buy here
 Capri Island Spaghetti Top [SGD$ 15] | buy here
Got this one in ballerina pink and loving it!

Got this cute clutch bag which is also a sling bag but unfortunately it's sold out. Sorry guys!
Draped Asymmetrical Dress [SGD$ 39.90] | buy here
I immediately asked Jhu to reserve this dress when she posted this on Instagram.
Such classy and elegant dress at such affordable price!
You're going to see me wearing this to everywhere - work, wedding, dinner.
Symphony in Grey Pleated Top [SGD$ 18] | buy here 
Off-White Floral Appliqué Shirt Dress [SGD$ 50] | buy here
The Dreamer Spaghetti Strap Midi Dress [SGD$ 31.90] | buy here
It's all about details at Jou Morie.
This item is currently on sale at SGD$ 28 only so be quick to order before they're sold out!
While the items are sourced carefully all around the world, 
Jou Morie is based in Singapore but they do ship worldwide!
More on their delivery service here
For those of you who are in Penang, their goods can be found at Waffle Factory
So drop by, do a little shopping and have yourself a sweet treat after!

Thank you Jou Morie for making me "big" on your Instagram account lol.
Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates, show some support and love <3
Of course, huge love to another precious girl Kim who shot the picture of me <3



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