Hard Rock Cafe Penang World Burger Tour 2016

Waking up to English breakfast at a coffee shop in London, chomping a good ol' cheeseburger 
on the busy New York street and carefully picking out the olives in my Greek salad on the Mediterranean Sea,
isn't life complete with all these savory sins?
Don't have the opportunity to travel to all these countries yet?
Don't fret as Hard Rock Cafe is having their World Burger Tour 2016,
featuring 8 Legendary Burgers all around the world!
And all you'll have to do is make your way to Hard Rock Cafe Penang!
Throughout the month of June and July, the cafe introduces 8 flavors of Legendary Burger
from around the world. Priced at RM65nett each, here are some visuals to tantalize your taste buds!
Cuban Burger | Miami, USA
The Cuban classic burger comes with mojo marinated pulled chicken, sweet plantain slices
with sliced pickles, melted cheese, sliced tomatoes drizzled with yellow mustard.
The fries comes along with special Cuban dipping sauce.
English Breakfast Burger | London, England
I was quite sure that this was from London when I saw the sunny side-up, and I was right!
Stack of ham slices, grilled Portobello mushroom, breakfast sausage, tomato and an egg,
served with fries and baked beans, now your breakfast is complete!
I Love NY Burger | New York, USA
One of my favorite goes to this one which depicts a pizza -
pepperoni, fried mozzarella cheese, sauteed mushrooms drown in pizza sauce.
This flavorful delight will definitely makes you beg for more!
Greek Burger | Athens, Greece
I have yet to check out Greece but we all know that their food always include feta cheese!
Of course, the Greek Burger is sandwiched with feta cheese,. capers, black olives, peppers, 
onions, arugula tomato drizzled with Tzatziki sauce. It also comes together with Tzatziki
dipping sauce for the French fries!
Jamaican Jerk Burger | Montego Bay, Jamaica
Judging on the look and the place it came from, one could easily guess that this is a tantalizing one.
A spicy fusion of mango, jalapeno cream cheese, jerk mayo, banana peppers
and iceberg lettuce on a beef patty, sided with fries with jerk mayo dip.
Hollywood Burger | Hollywood, USA
Looks simple but definitely tastes bomb-digs with melted brie, caramelized shallots,
garlic aioli, fresh arugula and tomato. This is mine and Kim's favorite burger of the night!
Tandoori Chicken Burget | Mumbai, India
This is making me miss Kapitan lol. The Mumbai take was loaded with light flavors of
mint mayo, Monterey jack cheese, sliced cucumbers on top of tandoori seasoned chicken burger,
iceberg lettuce, tomato, sided with season fries and mint mayo dip.
So sorry that we missed out El Toro Burger from Barcelona :/
It was a flavorful one with red peppered Romesco sauce, goat cheese crumbles,
roasted vegetables and arugula on all-beef patty.
 Why stop at burgers when they have seasonal fries that you don't get to eat everyday?
With an additional RM17nett, enjoy their crispy poutine fries
topped with cheddar cheese curds and potato gravy!

To level up your fries even more, top up an additional RM5nett
to try their artisan fries with Chimichurri Mayo dip!
This is not the end yet, they have also came out with 5 cocktails and mocktail to complement the burgers and fries!
Melonpalooza [RM58nett] | Black Cherry Melonade [RM29nett]

Sweet & Fiery [RM58nett]

 All Jacked Up [RM58nett]

Crisp Sipper [RM58nett]
Among all those colorful ones, this Crisp Sipper with Hendrick's gin, monin cucumber,
lemon, orange, raspberry, garnished with rosemary and thyme was my favorite one
for its refreshing note and a whisper of zest.

All these goodies are only available until the end of July so hurry up!
Huge thanks to Hard Rock Hotel Penang for hosting and Kimtography for the photos!
Ending this post with me looking like a burger serial killer.
Hard Rock Cafe Penang
04-886 8054


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