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Courtesy of Kimtography
Till we find our place, on the path unwinding.
In the circle, the circle of life.
I named my creation The Circle of Life because of the lion charm, then I realized it's actually a jaguar.
Oh well.
Courtesy of CraftbyZeus
During his recent vacation to Cambodia, Roy(the founder) came across several beads
that were widely used for religious purposes. Equipped with a strong sense of fashion,
he foresees his creation. Roy then reinterpreted the beads and made them into
something wearable for us today by using the traditional crafting methods.

With hand on heart, Roy will then return to Cambodia in the later part of his journey
to teach the under privileged children about crafting and making a living out of it.

I present to you, Craft by Zeus.
Courtesy of CraftbyZeus
Designed and produced exclusively in Malaysia, these bracelets are being made
from high quality materials that were hand picked by the founder himself.
Courtesy of CraftbyZeus
 Perfect for every occasion, the bracelets suit both men and women.
I was blown away by how remarkable each and every one of them looked and felt.
Holding their own identities, each bracelet stood out elegantly.
And the best catch of all, feather weight.
Here are some of the collections available on their website!
Sailing Rock, World of Phenomena [RM64.11] | Buy here

Jin | Sangria, Retro Shanghai 1930 [RM59.99] | Buy here

Magadha Empire [RM62.11] | Sanskrit Wat [RM64.11], Enigma of Angkor Wat | Buy here
Luminous Star | Ancient Sphinx, Ancient Egypt [RM59.99] | Buy here
Flying Teal, Veekaro Coblat Signature [RM70.11] | Buy here
For Him | For Her [RM64.11] | Buy here
Materials are sourced anywhere and everywhere from different parts of the world.
Holding a limited production quantity, these bracelets are hand made to perfection.
The strings that used to piece the beads together are being made with stretchable elastic cords.
In any case of misfits, you may return it to the host and a new piece will be crafted 
within 10 days of purchase. Do check out their FAQ page here.
 You can always customize your own designs if you don't like theirs!
I had so much fun picking the beads and charms and putting them together, you should totally try it too!
Customized bracelets are priced at RM74.99 each, read more about it here.
After all, it's a unique piece that belongs to you.
Here's good stuff for you! Use the promo code JT5 to receive 5% discount on your purchase!
If you've gotten their bracelet, feature them on your Instagram or Facebook
and stand a chance to win vouchers to purchase their products.
And remember, when you purchase these bracelets, you're supporting a good cause :)
Start shopping now!
Special thanks to Kimtography for the photos.
Craft by Zeus


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