Lorna Jane Pop Store Gurney Plaza

Looking elegant and all but truth is I was trying really really hard not to fall.
Photo credit: Jimmy Ang Studio Art 
If you have no idea what Lorna Jane is, don't be embarrassed cause I didn't too.
Founded by Lorna Jane Clarkson, Lorna Jane is an award-winning quality activewear brand 
from Australia. From a vision to now a global multi million dollar empire, 
Lorna Jane is now available in 156 stores internationally, including 3 in Malaysia.
Photo credit: Jimmy Ang Studio Art 
If you notice, the brand's design isn't boring at all with a burst of colors and
a little bit of quirk where they are not limited for gym-goers only but also lifestyle clothing.
So you can basically wear Lorna Jane whenever you go,
a brand designed by women for women who believe in active living.
 Upon celebrating their pop store launch at Gurney Plaza's ground floor new wing,
so happy that they decided to hold a session of the only work-out I could manage, YOGA!
We warmed up by getting our photos taken at their photo booth hehe
That's me and my favorite girl Kim in the photos by the way, the girl behind this lens.
The yoga session was conducted by Lenis Lim from Happiy Yoga
If I remembered correctly, she has 6 kids and has been practicing yoga
for more than 20 years, that's crazily amazing!

The 1-hour session went by with lots of simple stretching and balancing.
 Contrary to popular belief, I'm actually not flexible and suck big time when it comes to balancing.
I could hardly reach my toes and kept felling on my back so instead of zen, we kept laughing.
At least for me and Kim, we were probably the least serious ones among all but we tried.
We were treated to cold pressed juice from 3 Monkeys and healthy snacks from Purely B after the session.
We also brought home some goodies from Dirty Benefits, QV, Yogood and Purely B.
 The peanut butter and kopi granola from The Kettlebowl was SO GOOD!
Huge thanks to Venice for inviting, Jimmy for recommending me and Kimtography for the amazing photos.
Without her, I wouldn't have any photos of myself doing yoga <3
Do check out Lorna Jane Pop Store at Gurney Plaza today!
Lorna Jane Gurney Plaza
170-G-53, Plaza Gurney, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang


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