Gurney Plaza Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Weekend - Style Emergence

I have no idea what was I laughing at, probably that fact that I got my mom into believing
I was one of the models taking the stage as she thinks I showed too much skin in that dress.
And guess what? She was the one who bought me the dress! Silly mom of mine.
Attended Gurney Plaza's fashion weekend in April. Apologize for this late post,
was supposed to blog about this before my Europe trip but got a little hiccups before and in-between. Anyway,
Coming back for the 6th year, the annual 3-day event opened with international brands GUESS and Super Dry.
Due to work, I was only able to make it to the second and last day.
The second day opened with the 3 Fashion Fast Forward brands, my favorite!
I have always loved Dorothy Perkins for their pretty prints.
Adore the stripped pants and the tassels on the mosaic print jumpsuit!
Missing Portugal a little bit now.
I have always thought Warehouse focuses on work attire but apparently not!
The designs are pretty playful and to my surprise, they have floral!
I love the checkered robe(not sure what it is called), so simple and edgy at the same time.
Miss Selfridge showcased many floral prints! Because, you know, Spring.

But of course, there are other stuff too.
I just love love love the beige lacey dress where I pictured myself
like a Greek goddess wearing and the jet black IT girl jumpsuit.
Then I remember I'm not a model, but a teapot - short and stout.
So bye bye gorgeous dress, bye bye super woman jumpsuit.
Next up was shimmering Swarovski, showcasing its latest collection with
shades of turquoise, aquamarine and bold pinks inspired by the oceans and seas.
I have always thought the brand is all about crystals but little did I know,
they have so much more to offer, I'm eyeing on the black pearl statement necklace :3
They raised the bar by giving out lucky draw this year, how sweet!
Got a crystallized watch case and luggage tag, thank you Swarovski!
And my luggage tag was gone during my flight to Singapore last month, thanks Jetstar.
The second day of Style Emergence closed with Coach.
The brand got even quirkier than what they were last year, I mean,
they have dinosaur this time! It's a combination of patches, animal prints and boasting colors.
Remember they had Sheena Liam taking the stage last year?
Was a little sad that no Sheena this time but always glad to see this eye candy *swoon*
The last day opened with Marks & Spencer, loving their beach wear!
And of course, their known formal work attire, not boring ones tho. 
That pair of pants just made you from a journalist to an editor hehe.
And that's a wrap! Huge thanks to Gurney Plaza for having us once again!
And of course Kim from Kimtography for her companion and hard work,
all I did was sit back and watched the show. Love you to the moon and back <3


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