Eyelash Extension Service Penang

Tired of having to apply strokes of eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger/prettier/sexier?
Then you should throw away your eyeliner and start getting eyelash extension!
If you know me personally, you would notice that my eyes are extra Asian.
Not only that, my lashes are straight and droopy,
I look like I didn't sleep for 10 days without make-up on. Damn sad right?
I'd always have to apply extra thick eyeliner to make my eyes bigger and less sleepy.
I don't even bother with curler and mascara cause my lashes start drooping after awhile.
Since I was still in primary school (start them young they said), I heard about eyelash extension
and I have been very curious about it. Now I finally get the opportunity to try them on!
Exhilarated to see many types of lashes available, didn't know they even have colorful and glittered ones.
All imported from Korea and made of real mink fur, so soft and real!
Catering to each girls' preference, there are four varieties available:

Natural - RM90/RM110 [100pcs]
Natural Soft - RM120/RM140 [150pcs]
Elegant - RM160/RM180 [200pcs]
Luxury - RM235 [400pcs]

As everyone's eyes vary, do allow the beautician to examine and advise you on the 
best style, length, how many pieces and which fur you should go for.
Don't be shy to tell your beautician what you want!
So let's get the party started! First step was to clean the dirt and oil on the eyelids so that the falsies could stick better.
Collagen eye mask(RM5) was applied, pieces and pieces of falsies were glued in between my real lashes.
This required a lot of skill and patience, I don't think I could ever do stuff like this without flipping table.
The entire procedure took almost 2.5 hours and of course, I fell asleep.
You can either do it at their home salon or get them to do it at your house!
So this is before.
This is after. Did my eyes just got two times bigger? You bet!
I went for Natural Soft | Barbie Doll Design with longer length in the middle.
Here are some photos taken after the lash extension!
Attended Lorna Jane pop-up store opening at Gurney Plaza last month,
this was taken after the one-hour yoga session.
I didn't apply eyeliner in this photo, I looked super energized don't I?
With lash extension, you can look pretty even when you're working out!
A candid one taken in Madrid, my eyes looked huge!
Also in Madrid, you can see my long lashes from the back!

Taken in Singapore, couldn't get enough of my long lashes when they go pata-pata when I blink.
Last one in Amsterdam, you can see them even from far away!
Basically, lash extension is a life savior and perfect for every occasion,
imagine you could look pretty even when you're sleeping!
I would say it brings me so much convenience especially when I travel cause I could skip eyeliner!
It saves time and saves life, so what are you waiting for?

However, there are a few things to take note:
- Don't rub your eyes, it will make your falsies fall!
- Don't wash your face using a shower head. Instead, use facial sponge to clean your eyelids softly
- Don't use oil-based make-up remover to remove your make-up, use water-based instead
If you wear glasses like I do, let your beautician know so that they could measure the length you should go for to avoid your lashes poking on your glasses, which would make your lashes fall faster!
If you have more doubts/question, talk to Michelle! You can find her details below.
That's all folks, huge thanks to Michelle from Eyelicious Studio for her great service,
Kimtography once again for the gorgeous photos and HH for recommending!

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