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Since I can't be the most beautiful bride, I shall be the bride with the messiest hair!
I created some unnecessary excitement when I posted my bridezilla video on
Instagram which resulted to many friends personally asked me if I am really getting married. 
I don't know why, even my good friend Vivian has always said that I have a high tendency
in lighting marriage but no, so sorry, nobody wants to marry me, YET! Anyway
I had a really fun time at Love Tree Bridal Room, a rather new bridal boutique
located at Lorong Seratus Tahun where I made the place my playground
climbing up and down for my dear photographer friend's creativity.
With 200 wedding dresses to choose from, there sure is something for everyone.
Here are some of the dresses that I tried on and OMG I LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL IN ALL OF THEM!
Disclaimer: This post is longgggg cause all the vain photos but I assure you, it's worth your time
This is the first dress that I picked on my own with the idea that I was going to look like a Greek goddess.
What caught my eyes were the long trails on the sleeves that I could play around
during the photoshoot which added a tad bit of girliness to me cause I have none.

 Decided to go for a different one for the second dress where I was not allowed to smile :(
But in the end also got smile la cause I beh tahan
This dress is perfect to show off your curve. Extravagant red and gold, love the mermaid bottom!
This is my favorite dress cause it shows off my sexy back hehe
I used to have the concept that showing more is more but it's the other way round.
The floral lace added the element of feminine into the dress.
Not allowed to smile again huhu
We put on the veil and tried something mysterious, it might be scary to some but I love the outcome, look at that reflection!
For the last dress, it's a Korean style dress that suits all girly girls.
This #winliaolor dress is perfect if you want to hide your thick arms and muffin top like I do
and showcase your collar bones which make you look skinny.
As for the groom, they have 20 suits to be chosen from as well so yay for everybody!
I personally think the samfu looks really good with the wedding dress underneath hehe
Not only that, they also rent out night gowns so that you don't have to buy
if you are attending 2394879 weddings in a year.

Accessories such as hair accessories, veils, earrings, tiaras and necklaces are available for rent too.
If you look closely, I have only wore ONE pair(actually one side hehe) of earrings
for the entire shoot, this pearl earrings is a must get la can match everything.
To be honest, putting on and changing several wedding dresses could be quite a hassle
but don't worry cause their friendly staff will be by your side assisting you with that.
All you have to do is to pick your dress, put it on and let their staff tie it properly for you!
The wedding dresses that I tried is priced at RM388 each and for rent only,
special discount will be given if you would like to rent more than two dresses.
Apart from dresses rental, they also provide these following services:
- Bridesmaid Dresses (for sale)
- Customized Wedding Package
- Photography and Videography
- Make-up and Hair-do
- Wedding Car Decoration
- Hand Bouquet

Before I end this post, here are some of the behind the scene photos that I insist to show you cause they're funny
Ok liao 我要去吃饭liao
Huge thanks to Love Tree Bridal Room for making my being-a-bride's dream come true,
Kim for taking such lovely photos of me, kudos to her for capturing beautiful moments of me
as well as some parts of myself that I had never seen. And of course Jinni for recommending me!
Love Tree Bridal Room
Opening hours
Tuesday to Friday 
11am - 8pm
Saturday to Sunday
10am - 7pm
No 53, Lorong Seratus Tahun, 10400 George Town, Penang
Zec 012-415 5233 | Nichol 016-222 8292 | Calvin 019-326 8055


  1. Omg i love ur sexy back on the third dress!!!

    1. Thanks Celine! I love that dress the most also because of the lace and yes, the sexy back :B