Estee Lauder Gurney Plaza Launch

 HAIIIIIII I hope you didn't read this at 3am and got a scare from my fair skin and red lips
but even if you did, it's worth it la I supposed cause I kinda like my new look. Anyway,
Estee Lauder has unveiled its first beauty concept store in Penang's one and only Gurney Plaza!
If you think this is just another beauty store, you're underestimating this international leading brand.
Before the store was launched, the team actually did surveys to find out what we ladies
are looking for in a beauty store and customized according to our wants and needs.
With that said, each Estee Lauder beauty concept stores are uniquely customized!
Before they opened their door to everyone, a short welcome speech was given by its
brand general manager Desmond Teh, followed by a store tour by its communications manager Toon Eng
but let's take a look at the make-up demonstration first!
The 3-Minute Beauty Make-Up demonstration was done by their chief make-up artist
Joyce Lee who I really wanted to kidnap home, you will know why later.
If anybody didn't get my humor, that was a joke. Please don't call the police.The 3-Minute Beauty is the brand's signature makeup range where anybody could achieve
a professional make up result on their face within minutes and to be exact, within 3 minutes.
I have always thought that you will need layers and layers of foundation, two-way cake, concealer, 
loose powder and more stuff that I have never heard of to cover up your skin's condition and fatique.
It was pretty impressive that these few simple steps could make such difference where 
the model's face was instantly brightened up, more defined and more "awake".
We were given the opportunity to play with the yet-to-launch series Genuine Glow!
 Looked so confident in the mirror
 But asked the beauty advisor to help me to do everything cause I'm not very smart
But of course later on I did it myself and I looked like a noob.

Absolutely love the Eyelighting Creme which could be applied on the eyes and the lips creating
a shimmering splendid that catches attention as well as the Blushing Creme
which added a shy, rosey shade on my cheeks and lips, both very kissable.
These will only be launched in June so save up now and go shopping at their store two months later!
Actually you can start shopping for other products now and come back two months later for this range okay?
If you missed the launch/demonstration, fret not as they have a 3-Minute Beauty Makeup Bar as well as a Glow On section where their professional beauty advisors are always ready
to teach you the makeup tricks to create the desired look.
They also provide complimentary skin consultation to analyze customer's skin and customize
a personal regime recommendation using the brand's high performance skincare range.
Apart from this, there are so many stuff to play with in the store so let's go!
But first, let me grab some food hehe
I didn't know that they got Kendall Jenner, the girl everybody is talking about to be their ambassador!
This Kendall Corner showcases Kendall's personal photos as well as her favorite beauty products
so girls, if you want to look like the IT girl, come here and get inspired!
And I also didn't know that they have perfume.
This Modern Muse at the Fragrance Bar is absolutely a beau!
The Advanced Night Repair series that I have heard so much about, their best selling range.
Re-Nutriv Experiential Corner for those who aims for even more luxurious pamper.
I don't hate you, that's just my face when I don't smile.
Checking out the sea of lipsticks and wondering which one suits me best.
Gave up browsing and asked Joyce to take the wheel to work magic on my face!
And voila! Joyce picked this purplish pink lipstick for me which I find it a little weird,
probably because I wasn't used to the color but everyone says it looked pretty on me!
Of course, the vainpot did not stop at one lip color (since there's a professional available)
so I requested for red lips and Joyce gave me the Kendall Jenner's look with Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion!

My lips were so plump, full and pouty I LOVE IT!
 Here's a little secret:
I have been wanting to try red lipstick but I have always thought that I would look like
如花(please google if you don't know what that is) but surprisingly, I think I kind of pulled it off :3
Thank you so much Joyce for layan-ing my annoying request and making my lips sexy!
It was a milestone for this girl too, who has been wanting to put makeup on but doesn't know how
and yay! She was happy to get professional help that day, everyone was happy :)
If you're buying someone a gift, it comes with complimentary wrapping. Gotta love this glittery ribbon!
Some goodies we brought home, attempted to pout like Kendall Jenner in the polaroid but kinda failed lol
Huge thanks to Estee Lauder for hosting us and Kalai, the very adorable girl for inviting,
both of us had so much fun! From the picture above you can see we were both drunk on fun, if such thing exists.
And of course, thanks to this girl who has been taking beautiful pictures of me.
She has a Facebook page now go check it out!
Last but not least, come explore this beauty concept store today!
Estee Lauder Gurney Plaza
Unit 170-G-19, Ground Flour, Gurney Plaza (next to Swarovski)
04-228 0073


  1. Photos so naiseee! Xixi

  2. Haha.. Kendall Jenner doesn't usually pout, it's her younger sister Kylie who always does that xD Nice informative post btw! Love it.

    1. lol until now i still can't differentiate them. thanks so much! :)