Hard Rock Hotel Penang Seafood On The Rocks Buffet

 If you miss queuing up for food on your barefoot, don't be bummed as
Hard Rock Hotel Penang is rolling out a brand new buffet spread - Seafood On The Rocks.
Although you'll have to wear shoes this time, this is absolutely great news especially
to those seafood fanatics to satisfy their cravings here every Saturday!
Not just any seafood buffet, this one is offering a twist of Japanese and Chinese fusion so
hold on tight while I bring you on a magical mystery ride without John Legend!
Smoked Salmon Salad with Avocado
You scream, I scream, everybody scream for salmon! Dammit that didn't rhyme at all.
Anyway, as a salmon and also an avocado lover, I was over the moon
to see these two babies on the same place! This is one tangy, appetizing appetizer!
There are many more salad available too, their thick Prawn & Shellfish Bisque is a must-try too.
Sorry I forgot to take picture of the bisque.

And then we had Ursula from The Little Mermaid!!

Maguro, Sake, Tako and Local Fish Sashimi
Everybody's eyes sparkled when they see this. Amazed by how fresh these sashimis are,
juicy and thick cut, they are good on their own or with a splash of shoyu and wasabiiii

Sake Sushi | Tamago Sushi | Maguro Sushi
After those appetizers, there were sushi to fill the tummy. Overall was delectable, but a little
improvement needed for the sushi rice as it was tad bit of soggy and wet which was a bummer.

Tamago Maki | Futo Maki | California Maki | Kappa Maki | Oshinko Maki | Inari | Kanpyo
The colorful maki instantly made us happy, comes with several choices, there are certainly something for everyone.
And now I present you *drumrolllllsssss* DISNEY ON ICE!
Seafood on Ice
It's such a happy corner seeing all these goodness sitting calmly on the ice,
waiting for you to pick them up to savour them. There were boiled prawn, mussels,
bamboo clams, scallops, oysters and they were absolutely fresh that you could taste the sea!
To level up the flavor, goes with the condiments available
such as tabasco, lemon, cocktail dressing and shallot vinaigrette.

Ying Yang Fried Rice | Chawan Mushi Unagi | Deep Fried Prawn with Nestum
Some main dishes that made me think I was teleported to a Chinese wedding dinner lol
The fried rice was on point while for the chawanmushi, it was a little undercooked so we didn't get to eat any :(
Looks yummy tho, with those unagi!

Yaki Udon | Beef with Goma Sauce | Slipper Lobster | Teppanyaki Prawn
At the teppanyaki station, get yourself busy with their selection of hot dishes.
Beef with goma sauce didn't sound promising to me at first but I was totally convinced after the first bite.
I don't usually eat green pepper but this combination was simply perfect!
If you need more flavors, tongrashi lime mayonnaise, seaweed salsa and
wasabi mayonnaise are available at the condiment corner.
And then I was teleported back to the Chinese wedding dinner lol.
They have a Chinese Carving Station with some juicy, tender roasted chicken,
lamb charsiew and chicken charsiew you don't want to miss.
Greentea Cheesecake | French Pastries | Soya Bean Milk with Glutinous Ball & Gingko Nut
My favorite dessert goes to this soft, explosive balls with fragrant black sesame!
Thanks to Sheryn who pointed out that my rabbit teeth gave the glutinous ball a pretty engraving hehehe
Week 1 & 3
Week 2 & 4
The full food menu on rotation every week, mai siao siao they have so much more
to offer than what we have sampled the other day!
This cray-cray-worth-it buffet is priced at RM99nett per adult and RM59nett per child,
happening every Saturday(from April onwards) from 6:30pm to 10:30pm.
Huge thanks to Hard Rock Hotel Penang for extending the invite
and dear fellow chefs for preparing our food!
Hard Rock Hotel Penang
Seafood On the Rocks Buffet @ Starz Diner
04 - 8868 057


  1. May I know what are the local fish sashimi n are the oyster refillable? !

    1. Hello Philip! The local fish is snapper and seabass and yesss the oyster is refillable! :D

  2. That's cool....thanks for your reply ya...will bring my gang go support!!!! :)


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