Sarang Chae Korean Restaurant Gottlieb Road Penang

I have been wanting to blog about this favorite Korean restaurant of mine that I have been a loyal customer to since 6 years ago and finally I managed to squeeze some time to write about it yayyyy! 
We are spoilt for choices when it comes to Korean restaurants in Penang where there are more and more of them mushrooming everywhere and I haven't had the chance to try all of them.
Among some of them that I have tried, I have never gone back to those as I find none of them beats this place.
Situated at New Bob Centre along Jalan Gottlieb opposite Penang Hwa primary school,
this restaurant was established in 2009 by the lovely Korean couple.
Me and my bff Jeslyn decided to have our very late dinner after our Japanese class just few doors away
and since then, it had become our go-to-place.
Upon arriving, you will be greeted by their super friendly lady boss who I call emo(姨母) 
which means aunt in Korean. Here you will indulge yourself with personalized service where
the bosses would serve you themselves. I love this place so much I worked part-time for them for awhile.
By the way, these pictures were taken in August, 2014 and they have revamped their place 
a little bit by placing colorful cooker hoods on top of each table.
Private room big enough for 8 people, there are three connecting rooms so if you're throwing
a Korean food feast you can request them to open the sliding doors to accommodate your entire squad.
 Offering an extensive selection of really good dishes, below are some of the must-order I would recommend to those who have never been here before. Actually, even if you have been here,
you can always order the same dishes, because this is what me and my bff do.
Sorry we are kind of boring lol
 Pan chan (side dishes) were served immediately once we placed our order.
Love love love the steamed pumpkins sprinkled with black sesame,
absolutely sweet and appetizing one would always beg for more!
The pan chan is refillable but for one time only.
 We ordered Samgyeopsal (Pork Belly) [RM32] and Gochujang Samgyeopsal (Pork Belly with Spicy Sauce) [RM34].
We tried their smoked duck and marinated beef ribs as well, all were good!
You can ask them to grill for you in front of you or at the back
or if you want to get your own hands on it, let them know.
We are lazy people so we just sat back and relax letting them do the work hehe
 The correct way or maybe the traditional way of eating Korean BBQ is to put a piece of meat
on the lettuce, followed with sliced garlic, green chili and gochujang.
I would always ask for sesame oil sprinkled with salt and pepper and dip the meat with it for that extra flavor and fragrance. There you have it, a handful of delicious and healthy dish
where the garlic kills the bacteria in your body and the leafy green helps with digestion.
I'm just saying please check the health facts on Google.
Kimchi Jiggae (Kimchi Stew) [RM22]
This is a must-order for me, the flavour is just right, not too sour and not too spicy.
Those that I've tried at other places were either too spicy, too sour or watery.
We have tried their Suntofu Jjigae as well and it's the best I had so far, highly recommended.
They also have Maewoon Gal Bijjim (Spicy Pork Stew) which they claimed they're the only restaurant serving this particular dish. All stew comes with a bowl of rice.
Dolsot Bibimbap (Mixed Rice in Hot Stone) [RM22]
I learnt about this dish in the popular Korean drama Full House where it was
described by Rain as dog food. Apparently, it's a really delicious and healthy dog food!
A bowl filled with sliced carrot, cucumber, lettuce, onion, mushroom,
radish, seaweed and shredded pork sitting on top of rice.
So colorful, so satisfying. Gochujang is usually added in and mixed together but you
can choose not to if you don't like the sauce. Comes with a small bowl of seaweed soup.
 Osam Bokkeum (Stir-fried squid and Pork Belly) [RM40]
This burning hot dish is addictive with chewy rice cake, juicy squid and pork slices
as well as crunchy cabbage. Don't say I never warn you, it's spicy.
But it's so good you wouldn't stop eating even if your throat is burning.
Steam Egg and Soy Bean Paste Stew are complimentary when you order their set meal.
Love their steam egg especially the slightly burnt bottom :D
Last but not least, watermelon is always served at the end of the meal.
If you have never been to this place, I strongly urge you too.
Personally find their price to be affordable and pretty much the same with the famous chain
but the food tastes much better than the famous one.
I couldn't confirm if they are authentic as I have never been to Korea, 
but I definitely did not exaggerate on how good they are.
Go try la then tell me okay? 
Sarang Chae Korean Restaurant
Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday
12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm
Close on Mondays
11-G-1 & 2, Jalan Gottlieb, 10350 Penang


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