The Twelve Cups, Beach Street

 Always, always, smile to the camera food!
 Look at the space! And the cute guy on his phone :3
Located along the bustling Beach Street in the beautiful white colonial buidling,
The Twelve Cups shouldn't be a stranger to cafe enthusiasts as they were one of those 
who established before George Town was flooded with crazy amount of cafes.
If you have visited them earlier, you should know that they used to only serve crepe cakes and drinks
but now, they have proper meal including some of my favorite breakfast must-haves!
And if you haven't noticed, they went through major renovation with white and wooden theme,
major love for the minimalist theme, color and most importantly, the space! And also window seat.
Without further ado, to the food!
Disclaimer: This post is a combination of two separate visits and photos were taken by three people so, yea.
Portobello Sticks | Truffle Fries [RM13 each]
Their snacks alone are already so tempting! Both were very addictive,
the deep fried sliced portobello was served with roasted capsicum sauce
while the truffle fries was sided with the heavenly melted cheese sauce.
Somebody gotta stop me from downing myself with too much of these
cause the first round we had like three servings of fries :B
 The 12th [RM22]
Their rendition of  big breakfast was absolutely great for sharing, I attempted to finish on my own but failed miserably.
Comes with two garlic herb and cheese mushroom jumbo sausages, choose from scambled egg or sunny side-up, hashbrowns, sided with grilled sweet corn, mini salad, garlic bread and roasted tomato sauce.
Duffy's Pride | Life of Pi [RM19]
And here are their two renditions of eggs benedict!
Duffy's Pride was served on toasted English muffin with smoked duck and drips of pesto
while Life of Pi was served on toasted panini and topped with smoked salmon slices.
Both were drowned in lemony hollandaise sauce, poached egg and sided with mixed sesame salad.
By now you should noticed that they put effort into naming their dishes as well as the presentation.
Just by looking at the name and description of the dishes made us drool already. #win
Not only breakfast items, they've come out with savory crepes for savory monsters like me!
Smoky Samurai [RM18]
Spring onion crepe topped with slow braised grilled BBQ hickory chicken, 
sided with caramelized onion, fried garlic flakes and fresh green.
The Signature Shroom [RM21]
Something for the mushroom lovers!
Thin crepe filled with saute cajun seasoned portobello, brown and white shimeiji,
button mushroom and abolone mushroom with sea salt and feta cheese topped with
sunny side-up and sided with roasted tomato sauce.
 Shifudo Crepe-aki [RM17]
If you know what okonomiyaki is, this tasted exactly like it.
Crispy cabbage saute with house special seasoning, mixed with seafood and egg mixture made thick crepe with salmon slices, served with okonomiyaki sauce, mayo and dancing bonito flakes.
Personally think this is very cheap considering there are salmon slices in it!
Crab Seafood Pasta [RM22] 
Yes, they have pasta too! They have everything don't they?
Saute flavored spaghetti sided with housemade tomato sauce infused with crab meat
and spices with half cooked salted egg pour on the side and topped with crab clawmeat.
Aglio Olio [RM17]
Their very own rendition of the basic aglio olio was prepared with slowly infused olive oil,
garlic and house special ingredient, seasoned with chili, chunky duck piece
and house special roasted mushroom. Love the strong garlic kick and the boink boink egg on top!

Red Queen | Cocoa & Marshy | Tella-Banana [RM15 each]
It's sweet dessert time! Aren't they all so pretty?
Among all, Tella-Banana was my favorite where the crepe was spread with everybody's favorite
Nutella topped with torched caramel banana and chocolate ice-cream, so sinfully good!
If you fancy sweet chocolate and marshmallow, opt for Cocoa & Marshy where the marshmallow was so chewy complement with the sweet choco ball, choco curls and loads of strawberries.
Anddd if you love cream cheese, go for the eye-pleasing Red Queen!

Affogato [RM8]
Because they want to spoil everyone with choices, their affogato comes with
green tea, chocolate and coffee flavors. I chose green tea obviously because I'm adventurous.
Tiramisu | Hokkaido Chocolate Crepe Cake [RM11]
And of course, their crepe cakes which earned their fame since established three years ago.
Love the layering goodness, my favorite would be tiramisu!
They're so sweet the tiramisu comes with fresh espresso, but my advice would be not pouring all of them
on your cake or else it would become soggy and deformed and nobody wants to eat it anymore.
Green Tea Latte Frappe [RM14] | Apple Rose Tea [RM13] | Rose Latte [RM11]
Not only food, they've got so much specialty drinks to offer!
They even have red latte which isn't easy to find in Penang!
Sun Parade [RM22]
This Christmas season, they've got some Christmas special available from now until Dec 31!
For main course, they have brine chicken drumstick with roasted mushroom sauce,
paired with fruit vege salad and julienne slice crepe.
Gingerbread Man's Adventure [RM15] | Candy Tower [RM17] 
We lost our cool when the Christmas desserts were served,
too cute to handle especially the mini strawberry elf  T_T
The green one would be green tea mint syrup ice blended with whipped cream,
topped with mint ice-cream, kit kat, oreo crunch, ice-cream cone and candy cane
while another would be crispy sugar baked mini crepe
topped with cinnamon apple crumble and vanilla ice-cream.
Perfect Christmas treat for those sweet tooth!
Sunbathing Olaf [RM15]
And for drinks, they have the silly snowman who loves summer in every kids' favorite cartoon.
This fancy drink was blue sky soda syrup blended with lemon juice and topped with vanilla ice-cream and candy cane. Do you want to build a snowman?
Huge thanks to the team at The Twelve Cups especially boss Kaiho and Shurong
 for spoiling us with so much food, and sorry that we made a mess!
Also special thanks to Stewart and Kim for helping with my vain photos.
The Twelve Cups
Opening hours
Monday to Thursday 
9am - 11pm
Friday to Sunday 
9am - 12am
12, The WhiteAways Arcade, Beach Street, 10300 George Town, Penang
04-262 6812


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