G Hotel Christmas Tree Lighting

It's the time of the year where Christmas lights shine bright, jolly ornaments everywhere and kids regretted being naughty cause they won't be getting presents from Santa but most importantly,
it's the season to give :)
G Hotel's executive assistant manager of sales & marketing Kevin Cheah
lighted up the 20-foot Christmas tree located at the center of the lobby.
It was my first time attending Christmas tree lighting ceremony, thought it was boring but 
it was heart-warming to see friends and family gathered around to witness this.
It was pretty magical.
The night got even more magical when the 14th Penang Company Carolers of the Boy's Brigade
bringing everyone into the festive mood with some familiar Christmas songs. And I did not expect this,
to see my gorgeous babe who I last saw at her wedding in May among the carolers!
I was so excited I wanted to run to hug her but couldn't cause she was singing :(
But of course, I hugged her later on :)
And her cute husband was the conductor.
Crowd flooded the lobby for some Christmas spirit, so many kids!
And how rare it is to not see kids and even adults without an iPad or phone on their hands?
Children from The Salvation Army Children's Home wrapped up the night
with Christmas carols and dance performance.

Red wine, white wine, beer, eggnog and Christmas treats such as
Christollen, cookies and fruit cakes were given out to the crowd throughout the night.
I was very impressed with their generosity. 
And of course, Santa Claus ho ho ho his way out to bless the kids with some sweets.
Will you just look at how happy the kids are? :3
The children of the Salvation Army Children's Home queued up
to hang their wish cards on the Christmas at the corner of the lobby.
It was the hotel's annual programme "A Time to Give" where public could pick up
any of the wish cards, purchase the gift and place it under the Christmas tree before December 17.
My heart was broken when I looked at their wishes.
When I wished for a MacBook for Christmas, a few of them asked for a scientific calculator,
which I have three of them collecting dust at home.
Some of them asked for something even simpler such as story book, sweater and pants.
There are over 90 wish cards on the tree while each children will receive three gifts.
The programme will be held again on December 22 where all the children will come and unwrap the gifts.

The event adjourned with more treats at 2PM Lounge at G Hotel Kelawai.
If you can, during this season of joy, make someone happy.
Pick up any of the wish cards, buy someone a present. Your kindness will go a long way :)
Huge thanks to G Hotel for the invitation to such meaningful event!

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