Pangkor Laut Resort | The Chapman's Challenge

I'm sorry, I took way too long to blog about this and I should cut to the chase.
Blogged about the yoga retreat back in June, the life-changing trip that makes me pick up
yoga(and I can do a head-stand without leaning on the wall for 5 seconds now!)
but I have too many photos of the resort, especially the room and the beach that I thought
I should show all of them in this post instead of flooding the previous post which was already mile long.
And I thought I said I wanted to cut to the chase.

Unlike the usual resort, this one is located on a private island so you can't just drive there.
You will first arrive at the Marina Island Pangkor with smiley faces and warm towels,
drop your bags here and book yourself a speed boat to the resort.
The 15-minutes ride was serene, couldn't take my eyes off the beautiful, blue, crystal-clear sea.
I don't want to leave already #overlyattachedgirlfriend
The resort is built on a privately owned 2-million year old island surrounded by lush greens
and emerald sea, it's a combination of luxury and history.
They have won so many awards including the Top 25 Hotels in Malaysia 2014
and Resort of the Year in the same year. It's crazy.
The reception is located behind the library. Yes, this is a library.
It's so cozy, do people really read here? Cause I would totally fall asleep in like 5-minutes.
Like what I did back in the Peng Hwa library.
This is random but I played this song over and over again when I was here
so I would suggest you to play it too while you read, it's majestic.
Just a suggestion, no obligation at all. (PLAY IT!)
To be honest, I didn't do any homework(googling) before I come to this place so I didn't know what to expect.
The walk to our room was indeed a walk to remember, although it was like a work-out cause
it's quite some distance away from the lobby(and a lot of stairs!),
but indulging in greenery like this while I walk? I wouldn't mind at all*wipe sweats away gloriously*
I constantly stopped to take photos cause they were too mesmerizing to resist,
the poor staff had to wait for me to be done with my vanity before leading us to our room.
The hill villas reminded me of both Italy and Santorini, where houses are built on the hills 
and similar with the typical blue-and-white houses in Oia where there are many stairs, 
minus the blue and white color of course.
Apart from hilla villas there are spa, sea, beach, garden villas and suites available.
I would totally come back for their sea villa cause, who wouldn't want to wake up to fresh sea breeze? 
I was blown away by how luxurious the room is, this huge pretty room, all to myself! *cries tear of joy*
I was losing my mind once I stepped into the room, I didn't know what to do first!
Should I dive into the fluffy bed or should I take a million photos of the room?
As you can see, work comes first hehe

One of the most amazing things about their room is this bathtub,
open the window and you will be immersing yourself in the tropical rainforest tranquility.
I hope the butterflies would join me but they were probably too shy.
Love the quality amenities, I actually brought the body lotion back cause it smells so good!
And look, they even prepared bath salt, how thoughtful!
If you're lucky, you will see many wild animals such as these, it's too good to be true!
Sign up for their daily jungle trekking trail would be a great opportunity to interact with animals.
And of course, to explore the 2 million year old rainforest.
Took this photo using self-timer at my balcony overlooking the gorgeous sea,
I regretted coming here alone, pretentious staring-into-the-space photos were desperately needed.
Just kidding, I was really glad to have the entire bed to myself!
Breakfast and lunch were served at the Feast Village, buffet style is the way to go!
Love their fruit juice bar where you could pick as many varieties of fruits you want and 
you get fresh juices of your own creation, they have celery too!
Of course, they have an extensive selection of International dishes to be chosen from,
gotta love the pasta station. Most importantly, dining in the view like this is absolutely to-die-for.
Dinner at Uncle Lim's Kitchen was nothing less memorable too where we chomp down 
some really delicious Nyonya and Hockchew Chinese-style home cook food overlooking 
this astonishing sunset. Pretty much everything here is to-die-for.
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
We also had barbecue buffet dinner at the Chapman's Bar, the sunset was amazing.
Don't forget to chill at the beach after dinner, I promise the star-gazing was the most romantic experience ever.
They have a few other restaurants and bars too, check out the full list here.
One cool activity would be their Chef's Kitchen Experience, the exclusive culinary experience
where their highly skilled chefs unlock traditional Malaysian cooking's secrets
and gets your hands on learning to cook four dishes, including catching your own fish! 
how to cook three to four dishes consisting of appetisers and
main courses
Done with food, now please check out my sexy back.
One thing you must do is to of course, dip yourself in their infinity pool.
It's so beautiful I want to cry.
And of course, the legendary beach, the Emerald Bay.
I actually only got the time to come here after I checked out, time spent here was way too brief :(
And I finally understand why it is called the Emerald Bay, cause it IS emerald!
Another thing that I regretted was not experiencing their spa.
A friend of mine who I haven't talked to for at least two years messaged me
on Facebook after seeing me posting photos of the fabulous resort.
She asked me how was the spa, I told her I didn't even step in and she replied, 
"Die die no money also have to try their spa!!", her exact quote.
Too bad, no time no money.

Anyway, this place is the perfect destination for everything -
romantic getaway, soul-searching, family getaway, honeymoon, ohm-ing, just anything!
I forgot to mention, they have many fun activities are available here including
kayaking, snorkeling, sunset cruise, island hoping, fishing, private yacht sailing
and so much more it's crazy check out the full list here.
If those are not exciting enough for you, you're crazy you wouldn't want to miss this exhilarating challenge!
6.2km run in the 2 million old tropical paradise, 1km swim at the beautiful Emerald Bay,
you're in for the inaugural The Chapman's Challenge!
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
The resort has crafted a unique experience honoring Colonel Freddy Spencer Chapman,
a British commando who spend 3 and a half years hiding from the Japanese army during World War II
in the wild jungles and made his last escape from Emerald Bay in 1945.
The challenge comprises a 6.2km run around the private island and a 1km swim out at the Emerald Bay.
The photos above were the preview of the event where they invited guests and selected triathletes.
The participants included a silver medalist at the 2015 SEA Games Rikigoro Shinozuka,
national woman triathlete Irene Chong, SEA Games gold medalist triathlete Kimbeley Yap
and Yee Sze Mun, a 78-year old triathlete and the first to be inducted into
Malaysia's new Hall of Fame after participating in 11 Ironman Malaysia events.
This exciting challenge will launch on 13 to 15 May 2016
with full board package starts from RM999nett per room per night, inclusive of 

- Two nights accommodation in your selected villa type
Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner
- Return scheduled speedboat transfers to and from Marina Island Pangkor
- Entry for The Chapman's Challenge 2016 on 14 May 2016 race day for 2 pax
Personalised Chapman's Challenge t-shirt and race kit sponsored by Reebok, TYR and Ipanema
- Post-race refreshment at Chapman's Bar
- Pre-dinner cocktails and beach barbeque dinner for 2 pax at Emerald Bay on 14 May 2016
- YES Huddle 4G Mobile Hotspot for wireless internet access

Not scaring you with the price but looking at what you're getting, it's really a catch!
And not to forget, the top 3 winners stand to win a stay within YTL Hotel's global portfolio of luxury properties! 
After all, it's a holiday spiced up with a challenge in paradise, what is your excuse for not joining?
Limited slots available so quick, register yourself here!
Finally finally,
Huge thanks to YTL Hotels for such unforgettable experience and of course Jie Ling for recommending me,
I love this place so much I almost wanted to hide in the jungle,
hopefully nobody ever finds me so that I could live in this paradise forever and ever. 
I promise I will come back one day! if I got money

Pangkor Laut Resort


  1. oh man... wished i read ur blog earlier! planned to bring wifey here for our anniversary. supposed to be a surprise but i alredi told her koz figured with d same amount of money, i'd asked her maybe there r other places she would like to go to... ugh what a mistake!

    nice write anyway, TQSM! thinking of joining the chapman's challenge next year.

    1. ahhh too bad, i hope you and your wife went to somewhere as fabulous! Do come here if you can, the experience is one of a kind! Oh great! All the best to that :)