Sangkaya Gurney Plaza

Heheheheheh ice-cream y u so funny? I mean, who isn't nuts about coconuts?
In less than a year, this Malaysian-born brand(so proud!) has created a buzz on social media
or what they would call, a phenomenon, has now established more than 30 outlets nationwide!
If you didn't know, Sangkaya has nothing to do with the green or brown kaya spread,
but scoops of creamy coconut ice-creams which will definitely crawl back for more!
I first tried their ice-cream with Penny at Nu Sentral mall after seeing so many people talking
about it on Instagram. I thought it was just another nothing-to-shout-about place cause there 
were just too many disappointments for trusting photos on the internet but man, I was totally wrong!
I just had it yesterday at their latest outlet at Gurney Plaza and I am already craving for it! T-T
Signature Coconut Ice Cream [RM9.90]
Four scoops of coconut ice-cream sitting in real coconut husk with coconut flesh strips,
I heard this is what they normally serve in Thailand.
Select 3 toppings from the 7 they offer - coconut flakes, sweet corn, roasted peanuts,
cereal, corn flakes, kidney beans and chocolate sauce.
We were in a pickle as I wanted sweet corn but Ling Wei insisted oats,
and thankfully, the combination was heavenly.
Ice-cream in Cup [RM6.90]
Besides coconut ice-cream, they have cha-yen(Thai milk tea) ice-cream too!
The tea fragrance was light, just how we love it but it was slightly too sweet to our liking.
For ice-cream in cup, we only got to choose 1 topping and we have learnt that oat was the best, so, oat it is!
If you don't want to eat so many scoops(but why wouldn't you??), opt for one scoop in a cone for RM2.90 only.
Chendol [RM9.90]
A little twist to our local chendol, theirs is with coconut ice-creams, grass jelly, coconut flesh strips(yay!),
sweet corn, sprinkled with peanuts, coconut flakes and drown in palm sugar.
Love everything about it for its rich texture of soft, hard, creamy, refreshing and crunchy
combination but the palm sugar was a little too sweet for us to handle.
The Real Coconut Shake [RM8.90]
This came last and we thought it would be too heavy but no! It was so addictive,
so creamy yet not cloying, so good with crunchy coconut flesh bits and flakes in it. Love it love it love it!
Coconut Water [RM4.90]
Back to the basic, without any sugar or water added and look at the generous amount of coconut flesh!
Huge thanks to Sangkaya for the generous treat, it made us so happy!
And of course Jazz for recommending and Kim for the photos!
Sangkaya Gurney Plaza
Opens daily 10am - 10pm
Lot 170-B1-36B, Plaza Gurney, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang
(Basement, next to Gong Cha)
016-444 0184


  1. eh....boy boy逐渐浮出水面了...
    BTW, ur fren photography skill is superb...

    1. 我们真的没有在一起啦 D: Yea she's a part-time photographer :D


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