Pink Elephant Queensbay Mall

There's a pink elephant in the room and it's overloaded with sweet goodness!
Just opened for business for less than a month, a long queue could be spotted from far.
The loud banging noise, pastel sweet color as well as the cute name must have created the curiosity.
What they have in store is this mood-lifting Thai fried ice-cream.
Available in 5 flavor bases including Vanilla, Thai Tea, Yam, Chocolate and Green Tea,
they have over 40 varieties to be chosen from.
Some interesting one would be D24 durian and dragonfruit.
So how do you fry an ice-cream? In this case, certainly not in hot, burning oil.
Flavored cream was poured on a -5 degree celsius pan, depending on what you order,
based on the photos above there were oreo and corn flakes,
crushed into bits and blended with the green tea cream then scraped into rolls.
There you go, rolls of fried ice-cream!
 Get a free topping when you spend RM10 and above.
Choose from kit kat, M&Ms, wafers, wafer rolls, popcorn, oreo, almond, cashew nuts,
chocolate-filled pillow biscuits, coco crunch and burnt marshmallow.
Ask for whipped cream, caramel and chocolate sauce, it's complimentary!
Faces of anticipation were priceless!
Vanilla Wild Bee Honeycomb [RM13.80] | Green Tea Nutella and Cashew Nut RM12.80
Thai Tea Oreo and Almond [RM11.80]
Sticky and a little gooey, our favorite goes to this one. The strong tea fragrance,
tad bit of bitter sweet with oreo crunch and crunchy almond flakes were absolutely satisfying.
I'm sorry we made a mess on the table and forgot to take a close-up shot.

Besides the sweet treat, Pink Elephant offers Thai style cold beverages too.
Choose from tea based, coffee based and others such as pink milk which sounded really yummy.
 Thai Milk Tea (Cha Yen) [RM4.90]
It was my first time drinking cha yen, a little too sweet, the taste of tea was overpowering, in a good way.
Some said it tasted exactly like the cha yen they had in Thailand but with more froth.
I love froth, so this fluffy froth that seemed overwhelming was fine for me.
Huge thanks to Pink Elephant for hosting and Kim,
the girl who sees beauty in chaos for taking and editing such beautiful photos!
Pink Elephant Queensbay Mall
Opens daily 10:30am - 10:30pm
F-39, Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah,
Bayan Lepas , 11900 Penang (opposite GSC)

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