PS Cafe Singapore Harding Road | A Refuge for Social Gathering

Sitting among magnificent greens with sunlight beaming, my heart was screaming in exhilaration
at this magical place we did not plan to visit.
There was a long queue when we stepped in, almost gave up as I never liked the idea of queuing for food. 
But the aroma of coffee beans and delicious-looking pineapple meringue(which I did not have in the end) made me stay. Just kidding, I was too hungry to walk anyway so we decided to wait.
 Thankfully the extremely gorgeous interior kept me busy.
Flowers, glass doors, white bricks, this place is absolutely Tumblr-ish.
Sorry for being a creep and this picture was poorly framed, the moment was beautiful.
My attempt to take some Tumblr-worthy shots.
Food was of course beautifully presented. I took a ridiculously long time to finish my meal,
as I was indulging in another realm here: Everybody was having a conversation.
I looked around me and had a feeling overpour.
A place where nobody was hooked on their phone, everybody was talking to each other,
kids were giggling and hugging their parents instead of tapping aggressively on their iPad.
How is this even possible?
I am in love with that deep, genuine eye contact.
It says a refuge for social gathering on their website and I couldn't agree more.
I shall end this post with me having a conversation with the sweet, intelligent Crystal.

ps: I am glad that I took time to write about this instead of my pending reviews
and I hope you enjoy the emotional side of me which is probably unnecessary in the society. 


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