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Annyeonghasaeyo, chonen Jennifer imnida, manasopanggapsimida!
I thought since my life isn't going anywhere, so I might as well dye some crazy
Korean unicorn color hair and become 2NE1's back-up singer, if they're hiring.
Posted this photo on Facebook and 95% of my friends thought I have lost my mind.
I had a good laugh at their reactions, some even said I looked good like that #whut
My root had grew inches long and some friends complained that my head
looked like 黑糖饼(oh th'ng pia), or OTP in short. If you have no idea what an OTP is,
Courtesy of  Jia Hui
here's a picture for reference. So on point isn't it?
It was just few days before my Singapore trip so I thought it could be a good 
idea to get a new hair color so that I can haz nais photos taken with Marina Bay Sands.
As usual, the friendly and generous Dasheric said yes to my request so I invaded 
his place in Kelawai two days after visiting his new outlet in Butterworth. Will blog about that later.
Courtesy of Apartment 503
I have been wanting to try underlayer dye ever since I saw this post on Apartment 503.
Instead of the very obvious two-color ombre, I look at underlayer dye as something
subtle and mysterious. So instead of NAH you see my hair got two colors,
I prefer it to be 若隐若现 especially when I flip my hair. Girls are I am so annoying.
I was introduced to this Loreal Blond Studio ammonia-free hair lightener, something fairly new.
Unlike normal bleach, this one restores and protects your hair fiber,
giving your hair a smooth, soft and creamy texture. Sounds impossible?
I thought so too, but I was proven wrong.
Apart from the impossible effect the lightener might give, you might think,
"No ammonia only ma, what's the big deal?"
If you had the experience of bleaching your hair, you would know the process could be
kind of hellish. I recalled the last time I bleached my hair,
the pungent smell actually gave me a migraine right away(not kidding)
and the chemical burned my scalp. I found a scab on my scalp few days after the bleaching :(
So yes, ammonia-free does make a difference, a huge one.
There's no smell and no sting, so there won't be any migraine nor burn.
I wanted my underlayer to be lighter on the inside, the inner part of my hair was bleached
while 30% of the upper part was separated so that it doesn't touch the bleach.  
When you have so much hair and you just do not care need 4 people to hold them,
I'm sorry for being such a trouble guys!
Feeling like a bride-to-be lol
As I went to the salon right after work, they offered me some snacks before
my stomach starts playing Symphony No.9. People there are so sweet T_T
Tadaaaaa! I was very stunned at the outcome and couldn't stop laughing and taking selfies.
I looked like I had quarter-life crisis and my life is falling apart hahaha
Again, if you have bleached your hair before, you know your hair would be tangled and dry after that.
But to my surprise, my bleached hair was very smooth and not frizzy, you can see that in this photo.
I am absolutely impressed!
Okay time to throw some colors onto my hair!
On the upper part, it was dark purple which looked like blueberry while the inner part was lavender ash.
Please excuse how untidy my top was and focus on my haiiirrrr!

The upper part looked like black color but it's purple under sunlight.
My hairstylist Tian Her did some simple hair-do for me, pretty isn't it?
So much fun when there are two colors on your hair!
We took so many slow-mo videos of me flipping my hair until almost 12am #guilty
I can't never say enough thank you to the team for their patience. 谢谢你们陪我一起疯 :3
Took this while strolling Bugis street and LOOK! I didn't lie, it's purple under sunlight!
Madly in love with my new hair color!
If you're planning to bleach your hair or do underlayer dye,
you know where to go! If you still don't know, re-read this post.
Huge thanks to Garçons Salon once again for always pampering me!

Garçons Salon
Opens 11am - 8pm daily
171, Jalan Kelawei, 10250 Georgetown Penang
04-229 8088

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