Fu Er Dai Penang BBQ Steamboat 富二代

 Colorful food is good for your body, eyes and Instagram food too!
 The catchy name made me smile everytime I passed by this place.
If you don't understand Mandarin, the name fu er dai translated to "second-generation rich"
or silver spoon, where the parents are wealthy and their job is to spend all the money on cars,
holidays and bags. If you still don't understand, I suggest you to visit China,
they are millions of them. Anyway, apparently the owner of the restaurant,
who is a fu er dai made good use of his inherited money 
to invest in a business instead of spending them all on Hermes.
Located along the bustling street, just opposite Mansion 32, 
this place serves dim sum in the morning and bbq steamboat in the evening.
Open air with ample of parking space just next to the restaurant so don't worry
that you have to park very far away and having to walk and scratch parking coupons.
 They serve two types of soup base here - Cabbage bone soup and tomyum soup.
When in doubt, tick everything on the list!

Look at our jumbo juices!

Apart from juices, they serve healthy herbal tea and beer too!
I think some of us would've ordered booze if we were not here for work hehe
 The old, traditional way using charcoal.
 We sampled the cabbage bone soup for the first round, it was sweet and flavorful.
 We had the set for 4 [RM80.90] which included
 4 types of meat - sliced pork, marinated pork, beef, chicken, mutton and smoked bacon
 2 types of noodles/rice - udon, glass noodle, carrot mee and white rice
And so much more such as
Bak kua, meatball, luncheon meat, Taiwan sausage, prawn, sliced abalone, crab stick,
seafood tofu, Japanese tofu, fish ball, vegie ball, fish dumpling, egg, Chinese cabbage,
siu pak choi, kangkung, enoki mushroom and deep fried fu zok.
 We had so much fun throwing all the food into the pot until the prawn
was sliding down from the place it should be. 
They have two types of chili dip, one thick and slightly sweet while another was garlicky and sourish.
Be sure to try both of them for an extra lip-smacking kick!
Of course, that was not all we had that evening.
Next up was tomyum soup!
 And many more add-ons for us gluttons.
Among all, I would recommend the smoked duck slice and black pepper bak kua
as you could hardly find them at other steamboat places.
But if you're not on a budget(wallet and waistline), order EVERYTHING!
Oh and their glass noodle was imported from Thailand, it's extra chewy we love it!
I prefer the clear soup base than the tomyum soup as it lacked the spicy kick that I like.
But overall it was acceptable and pretty appetizing.
Apart from the food, the thing I enjoyed the most was this.
Everybody standing up putting food in and scooping food into each other's bowls
while much laughter was shared. 场面很温馨有吗?
And I'm pretty sure I'm getting killed for posting this photo. Oh well.
Fu Er Dai Penang BBQ Steamboat 富二代
Monday to Thursday, Sunday
6pm - 3am
Friday & Saturday
6pm - 5am
7, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang
04-251 9289


  1. standing is like场面很温馨?
    you din mention u sakit gigi....lol

    1. 朦朦胧胧的烟看起来很温馨 :P Mention already will cry one, still got two dental appointments to go T-T


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