Xiao Fei Yang Steamboat Tanjung Tokong 小肥羊火锅

It has been raining in Penang(this was 3 weeks ago, I'm sorry) so it is the best time to
gather together for steamboat! Actually, any time is a good time for steamboat.
Am I right?
Located next to Golden View Service Apartment in Tanjung Tokong,
I am ashamed to say it was my first time visiting this place despite they have been here for two years.
But fret not! Cause I have a friend who didn't know they existed in Penang!
Okay that did not make me any less embarrassed.
Anyway, Xiao Fei Yang is a chain restaurant established in KL in 2005.
They're known for their good soup base so let's check it out!
Instead of normal table wares, the restaurant uses Meijer,
where the table wares are sterilized in high temperature so they're free from germs.
A RM1 charge is compulsory, it is never too much for hygiene.
There were 6 of us that night so we sampled the RM168++ package, 
which is good for 4 to 6 pax includling drinks.
The boss was generous and probably knows that we are all gluttons
so we had some crazy loads of add-ons yayyy!

 Love their Hot & Spicy soup which contained 40 types of herbs and spices with the level of spiciness that I like. You can always request to 'increase' the spicy level if you're a dare devil.
Meanwhile, for their Herbal Soup, it was sweet and tasty, cooked with 40 types of Chinese herbs.
Without further ado, let's dive into our crazy steamboat adventure!
Sliced Mutton [RM18]
Chicken Slice [RM10]
Sliced Beef Ribeye [RM18]
Sliced Fish [RM16]
Sliced Pork [RM10]
Carnivores will definitely go crazy here as they offer more than 7 types of sliced meat
which included pork, beef, chicken, fish, mutton and venison.
Among all, the Mongolia sliced mutton [RM25/set] would be the most exclusive one yet
as you can't find it anything where else in Penang.
My favorite still goes to the sinful, juicy, yummy pork belly.
The package only comes with one type of meat, so, choose wisely.
Or you can just be like us, order EVERYTHING!

For extra lip-smacking kick, dip the sliced meat in their appetizing homemade sauces!
Or you can throw a dollop in your bowl of soup, whatever floats your boat, nobody is judging. 
Sotong Ball [RM6.50]
Small Pork Ball [RM6]
Sai To Fish Ball [RM6]
Fu Zhou Fish Ball [RM7]
Exploding Beef Ball [RM7.50]
HK Crab Ball [RM10]

It's a 'ball' madness here! Out of so many balls that we had, the most impressive one
would be the exploding beef ball and HK crab ball. Filled with explosive goodness,
making mundane balls extra delicious and fun!
Minced Pork [RM5.50]
Quail Egg [RM4]
Chinese Dumpling [RM6]
Cold Bean Curd [RM4.50]
Pork Stomach [RM8]
Deep Fried Patin Fish Skin [RM10]
Fried Luncheon Meat [RM5.50]
Golden Bao [RM6]
Thought the balls and meat were all we had? Wrong.
We were pampered with tonnes of dishes! Gotta love the fish skin,
it was so addictive I couldn't stop eating. The deep fried mantou is highly recommended too,
comes together with sweet condensed milk to dip with,
or you can just eat the bao alone as it is delicious on its own.
Abalone Mushroom [RM5]
Golden Mushroom [RM4]
 Apart from those, they have up to 8 types mushrooms on the list.
Fei Yang Noodle [RM5]
Handmade Noodle [RM4.50]
The package also included one set of noodle. The fei yang noodle,
which was made of tapioca flour was an interesting one, so smooth and chewy!
Fried Pork Neck with Kai Lan [RM25]
I know it is a little odd to order fried vegetables at a steamboat feast,
but this is highly recommended too as the pork neck was irresistibly yummy!
Felt a little guilty so I ordered some fibre(vegetables), balanced diet is very important.
There have 16 types of fresh vegetables range from RM4 to RM6.50.
They serve Chinese tea, fruit juices, beer, soft drinks and Master Kong bottled drinks.
Ice-creams are available too but the sweet tooth was way too full to consume any.
Packages range from RM88++ to RM338++ depending on how many people
you have or how much you can eat.
Huge thanks to Xiao Fei Yang for such satisfying treat!
Xiao Fei Yang Steamboat 小肥羊火锅
Opens daily 12pm - 12am
3-x, Pantai Molek, 10470 Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang


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