Cake A Boo Cafe Jakarta

Cakes on conveyor belt with 'Its A Small World' tunes playing in the background,
this place is indeed a wonderland for girly girls!

It was back in May when I took a trip to Jakarta with Penny, the first friend I traveled with out of the country!
Thanks to Meidi, the super friendly Indonesian blogger for recommending us an overwhelming
amount of places to visit in the city. Among the list, this cafe caught my attention,
the name is just too adorable! Little did I know, it soon became the fanciest cafe that I have ever visited.
So in Penang, we have sushi served on conveyor belt but here, they have cakes instead!
Check out this cute video I posted on Instagram
This place immediately reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
The sweet pastel pink and blue made us so happy!
It was a quiet weekday as everybody was working, we were the only customers they had!
I lost my mind once I stepped into this place, we had to entire cafe to ourselves I didn't know where should I sit!
I think we took at least 20-minutes looking and taking photos and awwww-ing before we started ordering.
Anyway, the cakes on conveyor belt are for display only.
See what you like and order from the staff. Spot the Pac-Man!
Are those cakes, carrots or sunflowers?
Even the menu is so adorable! 
Raspunzel [35,000 rupiah]
Raspberry mousse filled with pistachio brulee and vanilla sponge cake, it was a sweet and tangy affair.
Miko's Cake [35,000rupiah]
I ordered this cause it was too cute to resist, without knowing what exactly it is.
Caramel mousse, crunchy caramel and melted salted caramel sauce,
this turned out too be overly sweet and chocolatey, I don't like it. 
Nutella Burger [35,000rupiah]
I know everyone is crazy over Nutella but surprisingly not me but this is pretty interesting.
Red velvet buns with nutella patty blended with crunchies, sliced peaches, kiwis and strawberries
sandwiched in between. A magical combination of soft, crunchy, sweet and sour.
This is highly recommended!
Cappuccino Brulee [34,000 rupiah]
 I don't usually have sugar with my coffee but the idea of creme brulee
with coffee underneath thrills me! Not just any coffee but beans from Common Grounds!
Visited the cafe(Common Grounds) the day before and love love love the coffee and boy,
they've got the best eggs benedict! Let's hope I have the time to blog about it soon.
Happy girl is happy!
Of course, the feedback form was adorable too!
In a nutshell, the cakes were too sweet to my liking but it was worth visiting
cause it made us vainpots very, very happy with the cuteness overloaded decos.
Cake A Boo Cafe Jakarta
Opening hours
Sunday to Thursday
11am - 10pm
Friday to Saturday
11am - 11pm
Closed on Monday
Jalan Ruko Garden House, Blok B No22, Pantai Indah Kapuk, 14460 Jakarta


  1. name looks like poo a cake.....XDXD

  2. Such a lovely cafe!!
    Everything is so cute^^
    I wish to go there as well.

  3. mantap mas infonya dan sangat bermanfaat


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