Sugar Honey Campbell Street

Sugar and honey, diabetically sweet combination but they sure belong together.

I've heard quite a bit about this quaint cafe located along the bustling Campbell Street.
Feedback was all positive but the lack of parking spots kinda kept me from visiting this place.
Anyway, I've made it here one rainy afternoon with an acquaintance.
 We were supposed to talk about work but I got very distracted.
I mean, how could I not when there are vintage tiles, lamps and sunlight?
Another reason why I hesitated to come here was because I thought they only serve dessert and coffee
but to my surprise, their menu was pretty extensive I didn't know where to start!
Cappucino [RM8.90]
Love the presentation. Coffee was served on a wooden board with wooden spoon and some brown sugar.

Big Brunch [RM19.90]
Big breakfast, but instead of toasts, it's waffle! Even better, waffle with mushrooms in between!
Topped with scrambled eggs with cheese, turkey ham and drizzled with mayonnaise,
sided with hash browns, sausage, cherry tomatoes and fresh greens. So much win!
I know the portion looked small but it's pretty filling actually I couldn't finish it and 
too bad I didn't have my 'trashcan' friends who would finish my leftovers for me.
I'm sorry poor leftovers!
Will definitely come back for more coffee, couch and sunlight under the pretty vintage lamps!
Sugar Honey
Monday, Wednesday to Friday
12pm - 12am
Saturday and Sunday
10am - 12am
Closed on Tuesday
26, Campbell Street, 10100 George Town
04-262 0622


  1. this one macam buka long time liao ma?
    u eat alone ka? but i saw u use "we"?

    1. Yea almost 2 years d but I didn't try until that day hhaha. With a friend, he drank coffee only, not tam jiak like me :(


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