Hard Rock Hotel Penang Bintang Rock Buffet Dinner

I have been wondering, why is the buffet called Bintang Rock and it just came to me:
Bintang Rock means rockstar in Malay(I thought it was batu bintang, direct translation) 
and because at Hard Rock Hotel, everyone is a rockstar.
So happy that I have finally figured that out, 3 years after I've heard of this promotion.
Well you know, it's better late than never.

Executive chef Zulkapli Hatim(second from left) has mastered in
many cuisines especially French fine dining and Australian cooking.
His forte is making sauces from scratch so you can expect different varieties of sauces
available for some of the dishes at the sumptuous buffet spread. 
Garden Vegetable with Coriander
Lamb Stew Navarin White Whole Garlic Confit
Daging Goreng Berlado
Clams and prawns
Beef and chicken satay
Chicken Wings
Arabic Roasted Lamb Shank in Dome
The buffet spread has the bazaar concept, where it is extended to the outdoor area of the restaurant.
What's unique about this buffet is that they offer made-on-the spot kerabu!
Imagine you could mix and match kerabu the way you want according
to your personal preference! It's fresh, customized and doesn't go to waste.
Unless you're being an ungrateful kid by not finishing what you ordered, then shame on you!
I started my dinner with the must-have bubur lambuk,
it was so much more flavorful than those I've had before. 
Then I had a bowl of pasembur, love the peanut-loaded sauce!
My jaw-dropped a little bit when I saw the hefty Arabic Roasted Lamb Shank in Dome.
This dish is loaded with Arabic rice, cous cous, pita bread, chutney and yoghurt.
It was my first time savoring Arabian dish and this has to be one appetizing and satisfying one!
I would also recommend their tandoori marinated chicken skewers.
Local delicacies such as char koay teow, roti canai, murtabak and nasi kandar are available as well.
When you're done with those hot dishes, scoot over to the dessert corner where
they offer more than 20 types of traditional malay kuih, local and international ones such as
ice kacang, bubur pulut hitam, pudding, dates and many chocolate cakes!
My favorite still goes to their thick and creamy pengat pisang.
The menu is on rotation everyday, I was surprised to find the prize is very affordable
at only RM88nett per adult and RM48nett per child(6-12y/o)
Available at Starz Diner from June 18 to July 16, 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Check out more on their website here.
If you're not a fan of buffet, go for their Rock Platter at Hard Rock Cafe
which comprises a starter, main course, dessert and beverage.
Check out more on their website here

Huge thanks to Hard Rock Hotel for inviting!

Hard Rock Hotel Penang
Reservation for Bintang Rock Buffet Dinner:
04-886 8057
Reservation for Rock Platter:
04-886 8054


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